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3331 secret auction

3331 secret auction
26 June (Saturday), 2010-25 July (Sunday), 2010 (vol.1)
(Monday-Thursday & Sunday) 12:00-19:00 (Friday & Saturday) 12:00-20:00
1F Main Gallery B

Fuji Hiroshi, Hachiya Katsuhiro, Tamura Toru, Kato Chaco, Oki Hiroyuki、Kasahara Izuru、Kimura Minoru, Botan Yasuyoshi, Matsuyama Shiro, Kobayashi Fumiko, Abe Takeshi, Inagaki Masayuki, Inoue Minoru, Too Hajimu, Sumiyoshi Akiko, Chiba Manabu, Terasawa Nobuhiko, Toyama Atsushi, Peter Bellars, Fukuda Milan, Masuko Hiroko, Murayama Shujiro, Motoki Takami, Yamada Kenji, Abiko Sachie, Shimokogawa Tsuyoshi, Yoshida Yoriko

An auction of work by the next generation of upcoming artists. The auction will be held in three volumes, on the final day of each, the bidding box will be opened and each work will go to the highest offer.

Including work by associated artists of commandN, this work presents a wide range wide range of work by the next generation of young artists, with painting, sculpture, lens based works, fashion and more. On the auction form write your bid, and put it in the bidding box. Throughout the auction period you may put forward as many higher bids as you like in this "silent auction", which 3331 has termed the "secret auction". Visitors can view the work and try bidding for any price above the minimum set by the artists. This is an opportunity to consider what it means to put a price on an art work and what is its value. Through this activity secret ties are formed between the artist and the work, the work and the viewer, so surely we can say it is a "secret auction". ※This auction is a 3331 donation project, half of the profit will be awarded to the artist while the remaining half will be used for 3331 creative activities. ※Work acquired through the secret auction may not be sold within 1 year of its purchase.