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"The Paddock: Posted to Tokyo" 2022

Period:April 23 (Sat) -29 (Fri),2022
Etc.:Opening reception April 23 (Fri) 17:00-19:00
Closed:Open daily during exhibition
Etc.:WORKS will not be sold.
Venue:B108 (Studio & Gallery IN 3331)

Artists: Lisa Pang (AU) and Tetsuya Chiba (JP)

'The Paddock: Posted to Tokyo' is the 6th iteration of a travelling postcard exhibition and expanding collaborative project. The concept began in Sydney, Australia (2017) when a group of artists, The Paddock Group, all working in abstraction, sent postcard-sized works to an artist in New York City. It has been travelling ever since, with around 15 artists from each host city. Paired with an Instagram account @the_paddock_group, the initial idea was to explore the evolving meaning of what it is to 'post' by sending actual postcards and posting on social media. The format enables artists to explore the intersection - and power - of contemporary art in terms of object, image, and context. As it has continued to travel however, the truly impressive feature has been the way in which it has travelled along artist networks, the platform itself arguably becoming an organic, evolving art form. 'The Paddock: Posted to ...' is a space where, through a shared visual language of abstraction, artists can connect and collaborate to exhibit, outside commercial systems. As a result, there has been a democratisation and demarcation of object / image / platform and this itself is a comment on artists and the (art) world today.

  • AIR 3331