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Orbis Interior / Orbis Exterior

Orbis Interior / Orbis Exterior
Period:December 19 (Sat), 2020
Venue:Studio & Gallery IN 3331 (B108)

3331 Arts Chiyoda, Studio & Gallery IN 3331 is pleased to invite for the solo show and artist talk by Polish artist Aleksandra Janik.
Her latest body of work Orbis Interior/Orbis Exterior incorporates visual and narrative references to the issue of isolation and disconnection. It is an attempt to voice the problem not only relating to Japanese hikikomori - socially detached, reclusive individuals who are hidden in a safe space of their homes, but a broader context of the pandemic reality.
The long-lasting lockdown, quarantine and other social isolation measures caused the erosion between our internal and external life. Are we all to become like hikikomori - barely leaving our homes, choosing to live in isolation, and shunning the outside world?

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