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[Event Postponed]"Intersecting Connections"

[Event Postponed]
Period:March 28 (Sat), 2020
Venue:Iwamotocho Studio (1F 3-6-8 Iwamotocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0032)

* Further details regarding the event will be announced once decided.

Artists: Julie Deanne Strasheim (USA), Paula Menchen (Spain), Aurelie Crisetig (Switzerland)

[Julie Deanne Strasheim]
Using Mokuhanga to explore simplicity, movement, and repetition, my work attempts to capture and document fleeting sensations of interconnectedness. My prints focus on making ephemeral experiences permanent through the print, while my life is about seeking and cultivating connections in a disconnected time.

[Paula Menchen]
Finding a connective and harmonious language between drawing, printmaking and painting, I experiment with each material, deconstructing the surface and transforming each medium and their rules into one.

[Aurelie Crisetig]
I will exhibit both my Polaroids titled "Ignorance is bliss" and my new project about Tokyo Tower called "I got lost but look what I found" -- both projects that are the result of my wandering around Tokyo. These present common sights and landmarks of Tokyo in an unfamiliar way, making them present but also hidden in the subtle and indirect ways they are captured. This is a metaphor of my presence in Tokyo -- the strange yet comforting feeling of being both exposed and merged into the city.

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