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「Fe」 Mitsuru Sakurai Solo Exhibition

「Fe」 Mitsuru Sakurai Solo Exhibition
Period:April 8 (Wed), 2020-April 24 (Fri), 2020→We will be closed on 18(Sat),19(Sun).
Etc.:12(Sun) 17:00-20:00, Closing Party→The party has been canceled.

【The period has been extended.Business hours have been reduced.】
* Depending on the status of requests from the capital for measures against coronavirus infection, the period may be shortened or changes may be made. For more details, please check the exhibition details website and Arts Chiyoda 3331HP.

Mitsuru Sakurai Solo Photo Exhibition in April 2020
Exhibition on the theme of Fe (iron) including award winning works from IPA2019

"Fe" is the elemental symbol for iron. Mitsuru Sakurai captures beauty, shape and power which are characteristics of iron.
The photo series won the IPA (International Photography Award) last year (2019).

"Fe"exhibition is composed of two parts; the tower series, which is currently exhibited around the world, and the magnetic force series which began 5 years ago.
This exhibition started from Sakurai's yearning to be like iron. Iron is strong, heavy, immovable, and masculine.
Sakurai believes that this series will continue develop along with himself throughout his career.

【Exhibition web page】

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Mitsuru Sakurai

Born in 1979 in Tokyo and graduated from Tokyo Zokei University in 2003.
After graduating, he worked at Amana Co., Ltd and studied photography.
He became independent in 2011. MSPG Studio was opened in Yushima, Tokyo.While working on advertising photography. He has won numerous awards.

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[Exhibiton news regarding COVID-19]
The following will be prcautions will implemented.

1) Restrictions on the number of visitors.
In order to keep the distance between customers 2 m, we will limit the number of visitors to 8 people at a time.

2) Installation of alcohol disinfectant at the entrance, We will spray the disinfectant solution to the hands of all visitors.
In addition, we will check that all visitors are wearing masks. Please wear a mask when visiting.

3) Ventilation in the venue.
We will provide ventilation at the exhibition hall at all times or every hour.
Please come with clothes that are easy to adjust temperature because the inside of the building may not cool down due to ventilation.

4) Record of visitors' names or contact information.
We will cooperate in registering names or contact information at the entrance of the exhibition hall.

5) Requests for visitors.
▶ ︎Please refrain from participating if you have a fever.
▶ ︎If you do not have a fever but have a cold with symptoms such as a cough that last up to one week, please refrain from visiting.

Yuki Sakurai
#B-217 Yushima High Town 4-6-12 Yushima,Bunkyo-ku,Tokyo,113-0034,Japan



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