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Study for Dozo-Dozo in Sotokanda

Study for Dozo-Dozo in Sotokanda
Period:February 14 (Thu), 2019 - February 18 (Mon), 2019
Etc.:Last day until 15:00

Artist: Yuta Sasaki

I will show you 14 items, such as videos, devices, sounds, sculptures, graphics, etc. These items were produced based on the theoretical structure, generated by analyzing well-known performances by a Japanese comedy trio. You can experience my process of deepening understanding of their performances based on the funny things that we can't pass through while we live, such as sync pressure and pulling the rug from under a person. During the exhibition, I will be always around, perform work by dialogue, give presentation of the entire project at any time.


"What is different between research and production?"
2/17 (Sunday) | 13: 00 - and 15: 00 -, 30 minutes for each session | Free
I will talk about the difference between "research" and "production"
together with science communicator.

Yuta Sasaki
Born on 1982. Tokyo-bred. Work at a Science Museum, Performer of Street Kamishibai (Japanese traditional paper slide show), Tokyo Metropolitan-sanctioned Street Performer.
Aiming for media making to mix up different backgrounds of the people through digitized information. Making something regardless of the type of media, like animation, moving images, interactive, device, Kamishibai. 15th, and 19th Japan Media Art Festival (JPN) jury selection, WIRED CREATIVE HACK AWARD 2016 (JPN) Grand Prix, Anifest 2010 (CZE) nominated, and others.

Support: Project to Support Emerging Media Arts Creators, 2018

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