Period:January 6 (Sun), 2019 - January 14 (Mon), 2019
Venue:1F Main Gallery

This is a moving city composed of 50 artists in 1 year.

Have you actually seen the creative activities of the artist? The artwork takes nourishment from well-thumbed tools, the pile of documents and personal collection items in the studio. In this exhibition, You can see the works with the atelier at Tokyo University of the Arts, and the changing process of the studio on the website.
We make this documentary-like exhibition by taking a role of the citizen of "NI/O". "NI/O" within means  "New Input/ Output". This city repeats the metabolism by importing and exporting new thing. So, this city is developed as a result of conflict and cooperation among the residents.

Precedential to this, we showed the interim progress of the works and the atelier in "GEISAI 2018". And we get better feedback this time. In January 2019 "NI/O" will appear in 3331 Arts Chiyoda. This installation will become a large movement of the city towards its independence. Please come and see it.


  • AIR 3331