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"Arts and Society - you / me / children / adult vol.2"

Hours:14:00-17:00 Kids Art Workshop
Venue:1F Lounge

"Arts and Society - you / me / children / adult vol.2"
2018.December.9.Sun 3331Lounge
14:00ー17:00 Kid's Art Work shop

[Fulfill] is a nonprofit organization that thinks about art and society.
We will hold symposiums by experts and art programs by artists.
We will connect art and society, aim for fulfillment of shortage, and create a rich cultural society.

○14: 00 ~ 17: 00 WS
We plan an education program for children.
Art from 3 years old.

Let's draw a picture with a big canvas! Everyone take a walk in the picture.
After listening to various works, listening to the artist's lecture, we will work together.
Mix color and play color with brush and roller. Let's make a big forest. Everyone speaks their thoughts at the end.
Cut the completed piece and take it home.
Artist:Misa FUNAI
Participation fee: 3500 yen
Please make a reservation by e-mail in advance.
Application: name, age, number of people, telephone number 03+39694500 Fulfill

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