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Ryoko Kido "#Time for a Snack" Exhibition

Ryoko Kido
Period:October 20 (Sat.) - November 18 (Sun.),
Etc.:Last Day until 17:00
Venue:204 (Gallery KIDO Press)

"I want to find things that anyone feels, things that I cherish, and paint them, without a conceptual bias."

The classic tempera technique is suited to the painting of fine detail. When mixed with oil paints, tempera affords striking color tones through combination of transparent-looking color fields and the white of the tempera. Unique to tempera paintings, this kind of texturing can also at times evoke a poignant, nostalgic sentiment. While employing motifs that everyone has seen, Kido does not simply paint them; she instead produces images of them after ruminating over them herself and adding a whimsical touch. The finished work seems to ask the viewer in a whisper whether the slice of extra-ordinary life it presents is to his or her liking.

As the theme of works in this exhibition, Kido chose foods that are typically eaten for between-meal afternoon snacks, quickly disappear in a single sitting, and are absolutely loved by their eaters. For this richly creative artist, they make more real subjects.

  • AIR 3331