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Yuki Onodera『The Window as Device』

Yuki Onodera『The Window as Device』
Period: September5 (Fri.) - October 14 (Sun.), 2018
Closed:Mondays, Tuesdays, Holidays
Etc.:Last Day until 17:00
Venue:204(Gallery KIDO Press)

From September 7 (Fri.) to October 14 (Sun.), 2018, Gallery KIDO Press is going to hold an exhibition titled "Yuki Onodera - The Window as Device." This exhibition will introduce both printed works and photographs by Yuki Onodera, an internationally renowned photographer based in Paris. Besides five works from the "Portrait of Second-hand Clothes" series of photogravure prints made at Kido Press in 2009, it will show 12 window-related photographs carefully picked by Onodera herself from a group of small gelatin-silver prints (silver-halide photos) that have not been extensively shown so far.The photographic works to be shown in this exhibition are comprised of a few from each of several past series. They were selected on the basis of a thematic connection with "windows," which are associated with various facets of meaning and harken back particularly to Onodera's "Portrait of Second-hand Clothes" (1994). For this series, she photographed about 50 articles of clothing as if they were floating outside her window, one at a time, against the skies of Montmartre.

The window-related photographs selected for this exhibition by Onodera derive from a total of seven series: "You are Running. I'm Waiting with Ears Like Dumbo's" (1991), which may be positioned on the path leading to "Portrait of Second-hand Clothes" and took the first New Cosmos of Photography award in the same year; "From the Sleeve" (1993), for which she shot the sky through the sleeves of second-hand clothes; "Window and Glass" (1993) with its beautiful bluish tones; "Birds" (1994), a series photographed from the window of her apartment in Montmartre, like the "Portrait of Second-hand Clothes"; "Les KiKi de Paris" (1996), a series portraying the eternal Paris by Les KiKi, a unit project of Onodera and Aki Lumi; "Look Out the Window" (2000), a series depicting houses in suburban Tokyo as if they were boxes of light floating in the air; and "The World is not Small - 1826" (2012), in which objects bearing the names of places from around the world are arrayed in a room, with a big window in the middle letting in ample sunlight. Freed from the series framework, these photos are rich in possibilities for discovering new dimensions in them. And in such exploration, the "window" may be that in a room, the area beside a window, the camera as a box with a window, the frame of a photo, and perhaps even the framework of photography itself. With its experimental nature, this exhibition could be realized only at Kido Press, the gallery space of the printing studio that was also the site of production. Through it, we hope that visitors will delight in retracing the trajectory of the diverse visual presentations and thought animating Onodera's photographic works, and letting their imagination take wing and fly out of even her "windows".

We urge all to see Onodera's diverse world as glimpsed through the prints and photographs at this exhibition.

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