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Tamiko Washizu “− through ’18 −”

Tamiko Washizu “− through ’18 −”
Period:21st Sep.(fri.) - 21st Oct.(sun.), 2018
Closed:Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays
Venue:207(Gallery OUT of PLACE TOKIO)

Tamiko Washizu is over 70 years old and is still devoted to daily, vigorous, creative work.
She is absorbed in the work of the "notebooks" titled " Washizu Drawing" and continues to exhibit them throughout Japan.

"Washizu Drawing" is expressed by the method of collage or assemblage, and she completes one page each day to draw a diary in a blank notebook. When she arrives at the last page, the notebook bulges to such an extent that it cannot be closed and it becomes a stimulus for her sense of herself. Her memories have acquired shapes which transform into entities, such as a "toy box" which grew up to near explosion. The images drawn on the notebook seem to be a primitive expression at first glance, but at the same time all of the materials are innovative, expressing sophisticated composition and texture.

Although this notebook is already a powerful work, Washizu's motivation for the creation is not limited to this. In recent years she has been working on converting those images into a more independent work with the completed notebook as one idea source. In this exhibition, along with the exhibits of notebook, she gives flesh to breathe life into those images by adding dimensional drawings.

Please feel the moment when the artist's own life becomes shape.

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