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Toshinao Yoshioka “Plastic Scenes”

Toshinao Yoshioka “Plastic Scenes”
Period:17th Aug.(fri.) - 9th Sep.(sun.), 2018
Closed:Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays
Venue:207 (Gallery OUT of PLACE TOKIO)

Following fifteen years as an artist and teacher based at Nagoya University of Arts, he returned to Kyoto City University of Arts in 2014 and is educating the younger generation whilst continuing with his own artistic career.
His progression has been in the moving image field to the present, followed by a return to his original print work focus in this exhibition.
However, with the exposure to photogrammetry, he has actively promoted the technique and has responded to challenges, by repeating a variety of experiments over the last four years. In this time, he will exhibit print works, silk screen on a rubber sheet, which demonstrate the results of his photogrammetry research and in his own words is :
" It is the purpose of this exhibition to raise questions, which are vital to the outside world, by reconstructing a framework for human perception of that world. "
In his vibrant yet sensitive works exhibited, he achieves his objectives.

  • AIR 3331