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Overseas Artists Bring New Perspectives to the 3331 ART FAIR 2019

June 28, 2019 / Open Residence / AIR3331

_DSC6628*.jpg IMG_4517.JPG
Held every year by 3331, the 3331 ART FAIR aims at bringing the market and community together, transforming the entire art center from basement to rooftop into an art fair. This year, the 3331 ART FAIR 2019 set its sights even higher towards rising to an international level. To boost its global presence, this year's art fair collaborated with AIR 3331 in featuring 2019 resident artist Era Vati and 2018 resident Chunghsuan Lan, in addition to 3331 recommended Taiwanese photographer AINWOODS, and two specially selected Canadian artists - Eunice Luk and Patrick Cruz.
IMG_5132.JPG IMG_5136.JPG
As part of the art fair, Era Vati, an Austrian artist based in Holland, exhibited her past works and new works completed during her residency (period: 2019.01.24-2019.03.20) in the AIR 3331 Soto-Kanda Studio. As a multi-media artist often working with film, her works ranged from abstract sketches, poetry, artificial plants used in her actual film sets, as well as her symbolic and surreal film pieces.

IMG_1239.jpg IMG_4205.JPG
Moving to the 1F Main Gallery, annually one of the focal points of the art fair, this space is a display of artworks hand-selected by curators from inside and outside of Japan, even by 3331 staff members themselves. The 2019 venue included Taiwanese artist, Lan Chunghsuan, a former resident of AIR 3331 (period: 2018.01.05-2018.03.29). Lan presented two pieces from his photograph series, "Lockdown Universe", a body of work reflecting his everlasting childhood memory that affects his worldview today.

24173505_1578483652195154_5219736276819502585_o.jpeg IMG_4217.JPG
Also recommended by 3331, the Taiwanese photographer AINWOODS participated in the art fair after debuting in UNKNOWN ASIA 2018. In his photography, bright-colored models appear in mid-dance poses as an expression of love with no boundaries.

IMG_3897.JPG IMG_3764.JPG
Also featured in the 1F Main Gallery were two Canadian artists - Eunice Luk and Patrick Cruz - selected by Makiko Hara, an independent curator based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Eunice had completed a residency at Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park and was basing herself in Tokyo during the time of the fair. In her space, she chose to present sculptures created during her residency whose soft colors and particular shapes evoke her sense of the nature and style of ceramics unique to Shigaraki. For Patrick, this was both the first time to exhibit in an art fair and in the Tokyo art scene. Compared to his often vast rooms filled entirely up to the ceiling with rough brushstrokes and abstract symbols, for the fair Patrick worked on a much smaller scale. However, his intensely colored paintings whose bold brushstrokes imitate children's artwork were brimming with energy from the wall.

IMG_4516.JPG IMG_4506.JPG
During the fair period, an artist talk was organized between - Masakatsu Kondo (London-based Japanese artist), Lan Chunghsuan, Eunice Luk, Patrick Cruz, and AINWOODS - for a closer look at how artists develop their practices across seas. As the first talk held by international artists in the course of the 3331 ART FAIR, the event shared fresh new voices with the Tokyo audience.

The 3331 ART FAIR 2019 not only led to the display and sales of a wide range of fresh and edgy artworks, but resulted in real exchanges between artists, collectors, curators, and audiences - this year reaching further beyond national borders.
Bring your project to life at 3331!
AIR 3331 OPEN CALL is currently accepting applications for residencies between September 2, 2019 - May 31, 2020.
Apply here by August 5, 2019 >>>

[AIR3331] June Happenings: Olympic Afterlife to Future Wonderland

June 19, 2015 / Open Residence / AIR3331

Thanks to our (very) recent addition to our residence space and ongoing open call for participants, our number of monthly creators-in-residence has jumped from two to five! AIR3331 will continue its mission to inject international perspective into the heart of Kanda, Tokyo through regular open studios, exhibitions and events. Here's how you can join us this June:

Jying Tan (Singapore) 6.01-6.28
Jean-Maxime Dufresne and Virginie Laganière (Canada) 6.01-6.28
Hakan Topal (USA) 6.15-7.10
Julia Mejnertsen (Denmark) 6.08-7.05


Future Wonderland
by Jying Tan


"Future Wonderland" explores the loss of a developed country in the midst of progression. An exploration of archival Tokyo cityscape photography and Japanese science fiction film will be used to explore this concept as it applies to the Tokyo metropolis.

Period: June 24 (Wed) - 27 (Sat), 2015
Hours: 10:00-17:00 * Open until noon on the 27th
Venue: AIR3331 Nishikichō Studio (Tokyo Chiyoda-ku, Kanda-Nishikicho 3-16 2F)
Free entry

[Open Studio]
Date: June 19, 2015
Time: 19:00 - 21:00
Venue: AIR3331 Nishikichō Studio (Tokyo Chiyoda-ku, Kanda-Nishikicho 3-16 2F)
Free entry

Olympic Afterlife
by Jean-Maxime Dufresne & Virginie Laganière


Residency research focuses on narratives surrounding architectural sites of the Olympics held in 1964 and being staged for 2020 in Tokyo. Photography and video is presented in exploration of post-olympic uses, their daily life and maintenance, as well as the potential imaginary they hold for citizens through time and their entanglements with larger societal issues.

Period: June 8 (Mon) - 27 (Sat) 2015
Hours: 12:00-19:00
Venue: AIR3331 Soto-Kanda Studio (Room 205 in 3331 Arts Chiyoda)
Free Entry
Full listing here

[Open Studio & Artist Talk]
Date: June 25 (Thu) 2015
Time: 17:00 - 19:00 *Talk begins at 6PM
Venue: AIR3331 Soto-Kanda Studio (Room 205 in 3331 Arts Chiyoda)
Free entry

Search for me in plain sight
by Julia Mejnertsen

julia mejnertsen_search for me in plain sight #1.jpeg

Staged photography series surrounding the revelation that Tokyoites have a special ability to find a personal space anywhere in the city despite of - or perhaps rather as a result of - the size of the population. Let's not grow careless and blind, but let's keep looking for those people, who hide in plain sight.

[Open Studio]
Date: June 26 (Fri), 2015
Time: 18:00 - 19:00
Venue: AIR3331 Nishikichō Studio (Tokyo Chiyoda-ku, Kanda-Nishikicho 3-16 2F)
Free entry

*An exhibition will also be held from July 2-5. Please stay tuned for details.

Unrelated Matters
by Hakan Topal

Installation ongoing. Please stay tuned for details.

Call for participants - POCORART International Open Call vol.5

December 1, 2014 / Exhibition

POCORART aims to create a "core" where art and people may come together, representing those with and without disability and involving artists of different backgrounds, experiences, and age. The exhibition open up a world beyond art brut or outsider art, revealing a pure form of art that makes the invisible visible.

In anticipation of next year's exhibition, 'POCORART International Open Call vol.5' is currently accepting applications from not only Japan but around the world. We are looking for creators from diverse backgrounds - experience irrelevant!

For application details and form downloads, please see below:

POCORART International Open Call vol.5 (English).pdf


For full details in Japanese:

For inquiries about POCORART and this open call:
POCORART International Open Call (within 3331 Arts Chiyoda)
Phone: 03-6803-2441
E-mail: (English assistance: Rena Kano, Lana Tran)

3331 Chiyoda Arts Festival : Scholarship Exhibition Vol.5

November 29, 2014 / Press Release

[Event Notice] 3331 CHIYODA ARTS FESTIVAL : Scholarship Exhibition Vol.5

Exhibition Category, Film Category, Interactive Category ... a gathering of scholarship winners!


An exhibition of 16 scholarship-winning works selected from nearly 300!

The 5th annual Scholarship Exhibition features sixteen jury and audience prize-winning works selected from the exhibition, film, and interactive categories of last summer's '3331 Chiyoda Arts Festival 2014', held at 3331 Arts Chiyoda. From a nation-wide submission of nearly 300 works, pieces by impressive emerging artists that have stood above will be showcased in 3331 Arts Chiyoda's own 520㎡ Main Gallery - a snapshot of the critics and artists who bring today's art world into the future.

Each selected work is as unique as their creator!

A total of nine selected works from the exhibition category include a flat yet multi-faceted work bound to stimulate one's intellectual curiosity, cloth works of dye-transferred garments, and a participatory work of ceramic apples acting as 'tickets to the world'. Two selected works from the film category present a sense of humor that invites you to laugh along at both the everyday and the extraordinary. Five works from the interactive category have been chosen from the art-focused hackathon '3331α Art Hack Day 2014'. With a total of 16 works over three categories, this exhibition invites you to focus on each artist's personality, sensing the 'now' they choose to present.

Event Outline
Period: January 10 (Sat.) - 25 (Sun.) 2015
Hours: 12:00 - 19:00 (Last entry 18:30) *Closed at 20:30 on January 10th (Last entry 20:00)
Closed: No closed dates during exhibition period
Venue: 3331 Arts Chiyoda 1F Main Gallery
Entry fee: Free
Sponsor: 3331 Arts Chiyoda


About Chiyoda Arts Festival

A participatory arts festival held at 3331 Arts Chiyoda since 2010. Expressive forms have been brought together, ranging from art exhibitions to music, film, performance, and even an art market. With the past four years totaling over 1300 entries, diverse opportunities for exchange have been produced between artists, creators, art fans and local residents, traversing limits of genre or generation.


Exhibition Category

wA-1_平松.jpg[Kotaro Iizawa Award (photography critic, 'kinoko' literature scholar)]
Tenki Hiramatsu Born in Wakayama, 1986.
The viewer is pulled into Hiramatsu's gently drawn works and given a feeling as if a narrative begins here. The ephemeral story being depicted through the strokes is reminiscent of 'something' hiding within the work and is sure to stimulate one's intellectual curiosity.

wA-1_かみむら_1.jpg[Tomoko Konoike Award (contemporary artist)]
Midori Kamimura Born in Mie, 1960.
Crafted in the corner of her living room between housework beginning a year ago, the charm of Kamimura's embroidery pieces lies in their production style - defiant of artwork consciousness. After being acclaimed during public critique, several plans had already been born with the current Scholarship Exhibition in mind.

wA-1_増田_2.jpg[Nameko Shinsan Award (cartoonist, columnist)]
Piroyo Masuda Born in Saitama.
Produced within the themes of love/hate towards men, the 'female role' and dysfunctional family, Masuda's works powerfully uncover both contradicting sides of male and female, family and self, beauty and ugliness. The duality of the work and theme itself are cast differently on the viewer depending on the distance from the work.

wA-1_大津_1.jpg[Kazushige Suzuki Award (Gallery OUT of PLACE director, photographer)]
Yoshimi Otsu Born in Tokyo, 1983.
The fascinating bleeding and gradient of these works was created when the artist, soaked in water, shed her clothing thus transcribing them onto a single layer of dyed cloth. The transferred expression has trapped both time and the artist's memory into the work.

wA-1_木村りべか.jpg[Masaaki Hirakata Award (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum curator)]
Ribeka Kimura Born in Gunma, 1987.
A performance in which the artist, dressed as an old woman with her eyebrows completely shaved, set up a stall in the gallery where she bartered original artist goods for visitors' eyebrows. When choosing eyebrows, a peculiar form of communication is created where the artist's intentions can be felt.

wA-1_小笠原_2.jpg[Erimi Fujihara Award (art journalist)]
Keigo Ogasawara Born in Shizuoka, 1985.
The ceramic apples made using skills developed from education in sculpture illustrate the beauty of modeling and the fragility of earthenware. The work is participatory in nature; the apples act as tickets linking to the world. The self and the world - a light harmony shows through in the universal concept within the work.

wA-1_いぬい_2.jpg[Ren Fukuzumi Award (art critic)]
Kazuto Inui Born in Gunma, 1977.
This self-taught painter makes use of ball pens and crayons to create works with labor-intensive strokes. And yet, these stacked actions accumulated within the piece convey a light and pleasant atmosphere, allowing the viewer a pure opportunity to come face-to-face with the work.

wA-1_椋本.jpg[Masato Nakamura Award (artist, 3331 Arts Chiyoda supervising director)]
Mariko Mukumoto Born in Kanagawa, 1988.
A forceful awareness of space and form are conveyed through these sculptural works which symbolize 'landscape' around oneself, including mountains, pools of water, and flower beds. An exceptional sculptural strength can be felt from the distinctive scale and color of the work, as well as the genuine molding desire of the artist.

wA-1_久野.jpg[Audience Award]
Ayako Kuno Born in Tokyo, 1983.
Through it's meticulous detail first cast in wax, then replaced with metal and repeatedly configured into the piece, the underpinning technique and time required received much support from the audience. The surface of the canvas is reconstructed with both imagined parts and the inner workings of urban space.

Film Category

wB-1_薄羽_1.jpgRyoya Usuha Born in 1991.
This layered film demonstrates how two 'wear sound' through time warp, using cut rhythms and acceleration to turn usual landscape into the subject and everyday affairs into a very unordinary situation. Usuha delivers his abnormal 'space in-between' with a sense of humor. Viewers become drawn in without realization, yet one may notice one's senses being sharpened while being possessed.

wB-1_冠木_2.jpgSawako Kabuki Born in Tokyo, 1990.
A filmmaker worthy of attention, Kabuki has won a number of awards at international animation exhibitions as well. The work holds a strong persuasive power as the artist deploys her own view of the world via pop animation, sprinkling her own experience into a fetish motif with a drug-like sense of color. In this exhibition, not only film but original works will also be presented.

Interactive Category
Further information: 3331α ART HACK DAY

The 'Interaction Category' is this year's new addition with the purpose of providing a platform for continually expanding forms of expression. 3331 Arts Chiyoda in partnership with Aoki Ryuta of VOLOCITEE Inc. established '3331α', holding '3331α Art Hack Day 2014' for the first time. Advanced technology mingled with programers, artists and others, gathering much attention over the three day event. The heat and excitement of those days will be redelivered through five teams, jury-selected from all participants.


(right) "I'm here." Project Team
(left) Pepper and Human (Pepperと人間)
[ For inquiries regarding this press release ]
3331 Arts Chiyoda
6-11-14 Soto-Kanda Chiyoda-ky Tokyo JAPAN 〒101-0021  
TEL: 03-6803-2441  FAX: 03-6803-2442  URL:
E-MAIL: Tamaoki, Lana) 

3331 Open Residence: October events

October 10, 2014 / Event

This month features the culminating results of two resident artists at 3331, Anna Higgins (Australia) and Georg Jagunov (Republic of Belarus/Denmark). Though the exhibitions have been conceived and produced independently, the joint timing of the exhibition and opening allows for enjoyable viewing of both shows. Visitors are welcome to enter freely and discuss with the artists.

間 (Ma)
Anna Higgins

Anna Higgins_W650px.jpg

[Open Studio]
October 18 (Sat), 2-7 PM
Venue: 203, 2F 3331 Arts Chiyoda
Free Entry

Drop by the studio to see Anna's works in progress as she cuts, builds, and projects her photographic sculptures. Enjoy a free chat as well! (Translation available)

October 25-30, 2014
Venue: 203, 2F 3331 Arts Chiyoda
Free Entry

*An opening reception will be held on October 25 (Saturday) from 6PM in tandem with Georg Yagunov's exhibition.

Event description:
Artist profile:


Georg Yagunov Solo Exhibition

Georg Jagunov_W650px.jpg

October 25-30, 2014
Venue: 203, 2F 3331 Arts Chiyoda
Free Entry

* A living sculpture will be present during the opening reception on October 25th (Saturday) from 6PM. The reception will be held in tandem with Anna Higgins' exhibition.

Event description:
Artist profile:

AIR3331 Research Project "An Alternative Tokyo"

February 22, 2012 / Open Residence / AIR3331

Asian Artists Discover
An Alternative Tokyo

Residence Program: 1st February - 31st March 2012
Exhibition: 3rd March - 25th March 2012 12:00-19:00 3331 Arts Chiyoda Main Gallery B

In an artist in residence (AIR) program artists stay and make work in a specific location, building an intimate relationship with the people and place and release many of the stories, the history, the culture which is contained within the locality.

In this AIR3331 residence program being held at 3331 Arts Chiyoda acclaimed artists from India, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia take the first steps in a long term research project. In their 1 month stay what will they encounter? Who will they meet? How will they form a relationship with the neighbourhood?

In this exhibition the artists will present interviews, research documentation, plans for project development, while using the gallery as an open studio space in which visitors may engage with the live creation and investigations of the artists, this opportunity of exchange being a vital process for the artists.

Let's anticipate "An Alternative Tokyo" to be uncovered by these artists as they interact with the people of Tokyo, its international communities, experts and 3331 visitors, in an eclectic mix of people and places.


Chintan Upadhyay
Born 1972, Rajastan, India. Currently resides in New Delhi. 1997 graduated Masters course of Faculty of Fine Arts, M.S.U Baroda Gujarat. 2000 - 01 Gadi scholarship, NLKA, New Delhi. 2004 - 05 Awarded Charles Wallace Foundation Award for a residency in Bristol, U.K. Founder of artist initiative Sandarbh, a not for profit organization run by artists working in rural areas. His work focuses upon painting and sculpture, which is highly acclaimed in India and internationally.

Uthit Atimana

Born 1972, Rajastan, India. Currently resides in New Delhi. 1997 graduated Masters course of Faculty of Fine Arts, M.S.U Baroda Gujarat. 2000 - 01 Gadi scholarship, NLKA, New Delhi. 2004 - 05 Awarded Charles Wallace Foundation Award for a residency in Bristol, U.K. Founder of artist initiative Sandarbh, a not for profit organization run by artists working in rural areas. His work focuses upon painting and sculpture, which is highly acclaimed in India and internationally.
095 Suffer 3.jpg

Yeoh Lian Heng

Born in 1978. In 2004 founded the art space and collective "Lost Generation" with his artist peers, pursuing eclectic expression in the exploration of art's role in society. Building up highly meaningful relationships with local communities his projects often directly serve the specific neighbourhoods they are based in.

Huy Nhu Nguyen

Born 1971. Active as the organizer of various exhibitions of young artists and national and international art projects in Ho Chi Minh City and beyond. As well as actively promoting Vietnamese contemporary art internationally he also translates foreign contemporary art texts into Vietnamese . Director of alternative art space Zerostation.

Lost & Found in Tokyo - Exhibition by Sala Wong & Peter Williams

June 27, 2011 / Open Residence / AIR3331


3331's Residence Artists Sala Wong & Peter Williams launched their exhibition "Lost & Found in Tokyo" on 26th June, in conjunction with 3331's 1 Year Anniversary Celebrations. Throughout their residence the artists have interviewed over 150 Tokyo residents about the things they have lost and found, each participant drawing a picture as their answer. Based upon these interviews and the many drawings which they have collected Sala and Peter have developed a media installation with video, animation and replicas of the drawings themselves. In times of difficulty there is also opportunity, when we lose something we also discover something, Sala and Peter point towards these mutual experiences and ask us each to consider what it is that we have lost and found.

Dates: 26th June - 3rd July 2011
Times: 10:00-19:00
Venue: 3331 Gallery




Arts Action 3331

April 27, 2011 / Exhibition


A series of special events in support of the Tohoku Earthquake Relief Effort


Date: 29th April (Friday) - 10th July (Sunday) Closed on Tuesdays
Time: 12:00-19:00
Admission: Free
Venue: 1F Main Gallery

Daylily Art Circus is a charity exhibition, presented in a truck, travelling all over Japan. All profits from this project will be going to the areas affected in the recent earthquake, and the exhibition will be finally presented in these local areas for the community to enjoy for free. It is of course important at this time to gather donations and materials to support the victims of this disaster but in order to recover the Tohoku region and Japan itself the activation of economy and culture in Western Japan as well is paramount. Through this engagement we hope the participants will not approach the exhibition as a series of points, but as a line which joins Japan, which joins the towns affected and joins our hearts. Through the visual experience of this charity project we hope to lift the feeling of disillusionment and to connect with a new energy.

Organizer Profile:
Kaihatsu Yoshiaki
2000 Facilitated charity exhibition against land mines
2001 Facilitated charity exhibition against land mines
2011 Facilitated charity event at Mori Art Centre for the Tohoku Earthquake Appeal
Engaged in the facilitation of workshops throughout Japan.

For More Information:

Heart Mark♥Viewing Exhibition and Workshop
Dates:29th April(Friday)〜29th May(Sunday)Closed Tuesdays
Exhibition:12:00-19:00 Workshop:Sat/Sun/Public Holidays 12:00-18:00
Venue:1F Gallery B

Heart Mark♥Viewing is a project initiated by artist Hibino Katsuhiko, offering out our hearts to the areas affected by the earthquake/tsunami. 3331 is acting as a base for this project and hundreds of hearts are being sent from all over the country.

This project is presented until the end of May as part of the Arts Action 3331 program, offering an exhibition on weekdays and workshops on weekends.

The Heart Mark♥Viewing project will continue after this period, persisting in its call for patchwork hearts.
For more information please visit the official site

Koyama Sachihiko "I Saw a Nuclear Power Station"
Date:29th April(Friday)〜15th May(Sunday)Closed on Tuesdays
Venue:1F Main Gallery

The landscape which one day caught my eye. For some reason it has always drawn my attention. Then I discovered it was the location of a Nuclear Power Station. This work is the vague attempt to capture the particular atmosphere of these places.

These might be referred to as Nuclear Power Station photos, yet the images in this series include wide landscape shots with the power station barely discernable and even locations where yet no power station exists but there are plans to build one, so without such explanation it may be hard to identify these photos as such.

These photos were taken throughout Honshu and Shikoku, before the earthquake and include images of the now notorious Fukushima Daichi Power Plant.

Without particular dramatic lighting, these are a series of works executed with a seeming indifference. This is the landscape of nuclear power stations.

Asano Tsukasa "Omoi"

Date:29th April(Friday)~15th May(Sunday)2011 Closed Tuesdays
Venue:1F Main Gallery

It is quite difficult to deal so honestly and directly with the devastation which has occurred through art work, and I wonder if this expression is fully appropriate. However with the strong hope for recovery in my heart and with the encouragement of friends, I drew upon my personal expression to make this work. The photos in this work are of Ishinomaki.

Artist Profile:
Asano Tsukasa 
Born 1974.03.08 Miyagi

Contact Information:

Ohzone Tomomi "Can I make 100 friends" Project
Dates:29th April(Friday)〜30th May(Monday)Closed Tuesdays

Venue:1F Main Gallery

Ohzone began the project "Can I make 100 friends" in the Summer of 2008. As part of this project she created over 100 cuddly toy like "Wife-san". Wife-san are given out to people in the neighbourhood, who are asked to tie these strange creatures to themselves and walk around the familiar surrounding streets. Wouldn't it be great if all bearers of these curious species became friends!

Upon hearing from a friend volunteering in the Tohoku region that those affected by the earthquake would appreciate objects which are soft and comforting, Ohzone began to bring the Wife-san with her while herself volunteering in these regions.

For now she has visited to Iwaki and Shiogama. If you know of some place where Wife-san may be of some comfort please contact to the artist.

Contact Information:

"Hakobi " - Let's Carry Our Thoughts to Tohoku and Make the Refuges Just that Little More Brighter

To carry something:Hakobi
A beautiful box:Hakobi
A box art museum:Hakobi
There are many donated materials being delivered to the refuge shelters in Tohoku. In order to raise people's spirits in particular many books and toys are being sent. However, we have noticed the jumble of these brown cardboard boxes which have collected and gained inspiration to bring artists together to decorate the boxes with pictures and while going to volunteer in the relief effort directly deliver these boxes and their goods to the disaster areas.
Now we are calling for artists who are thinking they would like to do something to help those affected by the earthquake.

So why not draw your pictures on these boxes and send your thoughts to Tohoku. With these drawings we hope we can brighten, even if just a little, the feelings of those staying in these refuges.
Those who wish to contribute to this project please come along to 3331 between the following dates.

Dates:29th April(Friday)~15th May(Sunday)12:00-19:00 Closed Tuesdays
Venue :3331 Arts Chiyoda / 1F Main Gallery
What to bring:Painting Materials(Acrylic paint, materials which will not damage clothes and can easily be washed off)
※Cardboard boxes are already prepared in the gallery

East Japan Earthquake Disaster Documentary Video Screening

Dates:29th April(Friday)〜30th May(Monday)Closed Tuesdays
※Unavailable on the following :9th〜15th May、22nd 、29th May

Venue:1F Main Gallery
This simply edited documentary video was shot in April by 3331 staff as they travelled across Iwate, Miyagi, Fukushima and Northern Ibaraki.
Contact:3331 Arts Chiyoda

"ZENKON Bath" Project

Dates:23rd April(Saturday)〜end of May
Venue:1F Wood deck

KOSHIKI Kobo presents the East Japan Disaster Relief Project "ZENKON Bath", a fully functional bath now on display on 3331's wood deck.

A Buddhist term, meaning the root of goodness, the concept that from building up many small acts of goodness, a goodness as big as a huge tree can grow. In Shikoku for example it is said to be a small goodness to invite a pilgrim visiting the 88 shrines into your home. To offer lodging to such a person is to offer a home for the root of goodness. The harbor café ZEKON, part of the Setouchi International Art Festival also stems from this.

〒763-0073 Kagawa Prefecture Marugame-shi Kubaracho Jijosho 306-2
Saito Tadashi KOSHIKI Kobo Office
East Japan Disaster Relief Project
Tel&Fax 0877-22-1592

Murayama Shujiro "green line project - What Art Can Do"

Dates:29th April(Friday)〜10th July(Sunday)closed Tuesdays
Venue:1F Main Gallery

Through the force of the tsunami the land has been stripped bare and young fresh plants have been eradicated. However nature has a wondrous strength and from the devastated land a new shoot sprouts and from this point a whole line may begin to form until plants once again cover the earth to form a new landscape.

The work presented here calls our thoughts towards the land of those areas devastated by the earthquake/tsunami, and using his unique green painting (Ryoku-ga) technique Murayama will describe upon the wall the Tohoku landscape from sea, to land, to mountains to the sky. This special technique consists of using raw vegetation as the drawing materials to create a picture. Throughout the exhibition Murayama will be developing the wall Muriel, its landscape constantly changing and increasing in its greenness. Finally the landscape will be so covered in green that it will be indiscernible. At this time it is wholly fitting to reveal the hidden power of nature and its beauty which lives close at hand.

In addition here you can buy original "Green Cards" in which all profits will be given to the relief effort. Furthermore as part of the green line project a variety of other events are planned to be announced soon.

Artist Profile:Born 1969 Tokyo. Currently undertaking doctoral research at Tokyo National University for Arts & Music.

more info coming soon!

Artist in Residence - James Deutsher - Solo Show - Art Center Ongoing

February 2, 2011 / Exhibition

James Deutsher

SANAA / Clay Feet the color of Bacon Bits
2nd February - 14th February 2011
Art Center Ongoing
opening party Wednesday 2nd Feb from 7-9pm.


"Words & Pictures - What we learn from children"

December 23, 2010 / Exhibition

3331's main gallery is host for the next month to the special exhibition of photography, drawings and words of children from all over the world. This exhibition highlights the different experiences of children from countries all over the globe, while highlighting a universal humanity. With themed exhibitions centering around the self, family, friends, school, play, nature, life, sadness, fun, happiness and dreams visitors to the gallery are offered a new perspective of the world through the eyes of children.
This exhibition focuses upon children who have come from diverse backgrounds and many different parts of the world to settle in the UK. UK photographer Caroline Irby has undertaken a documentary project of these children and the children themselves have offered their own contributions to the exhibition with colourful drawings of the things which are important to them and which have had an impact on their lives. The UK is well known for its ethnic diversity and the exhibition reflects that the ability to find a place you belong beyond borders and language. A number of the children have come to the UK as refugees and have experienced great emotional and physical pain at a young age, but are still filled with an optimism which can inspire us all.
The exhibition also offers an opportunity to reflect on Japan's own increasingly diverse population and points towards a need to listen to the many voices, no matter how young, which contribute to this country, asserting that if we take the time to see the world through another's eyes then there is a greater possibilty to live in harmony.

What's in store for 2011?

December 21, 2010 / Exhibition

2011 is just over a week away and we have already a fully packed program to kick off the year.
With "Words and Pictures - Important things we learn from children - beyond time and borders" starting tomorrow and running until 23rd January this is a great opportunity to see the world through different eyes, those of children from different counrties all over the globe. With regular workshops, talk events and guided tours there is also plently of opportunity for all the family to get involved.
Following this exhibition we are proud to present the special exhibition of POCORART from 28th January-10th February. POCORART is based upon the philiosphy of open arts access to all. Running regular events at 3331 to open the centre to a wide range of people, especially those with disabilities, POCORART takes a step further this January/February to celebrate the talent of the next generation of young artists and creatives who have disabilities. With submissions from all over the country this will be a highly select but diverse exhibition presenting some of the most unique and exciting creative production being engaged in throughout Japan.
Next we have an international exhibition bringing together artists from Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Taiwan, as well as Japan, bringing their ecletic cultures and experiences together to shine new light on the local neighbourhood of Chiyoda and wider Tokyo. The artists will be joining in a one month residency program in which they will produce original work in response to their new environment as well as engaging directly with local residents and visitors to 3331 through workshops and participatory events.

And as if that wasn't enough, the second half of March sees the launch of our schooling program "Arts Field Tokyo" presents its graduation exhibition with a fully curated show entitled "Social Divers" bringing a group of young artists together who experiment in social disciplines of art.

Plenty of reasons to look forward to 2011!

+81 Voyage Northern Europe Special Edition

December 10, 2010 / Exhibition

Dates: 10th Decmber (Friday) - 26th December (Sunday)
Closed on: Monday & Tuesday
Opening Times: 12:00-19:00
Admission: Free
Venue: 204 (+81 gallery + lab)
Artist: Yoneda Wataru
In +81 Voyage Northern Europe Special Edition, director Yamashita Satoru introduces the work of photographer Yoneda Wataru, who has travelled across Denmark, Norway and Sweden, documenting the regions landscapes. From the architecture of Jacobsen and Aspland, to the further reaches of the North Cape, Yoneda captures the breathtaking scenes of Northern Europe.
With the support of tourist boards and embassies, +81 is pleased to present this special introduction to Scandinavia, including travel information. Introducing landscapes and culture wholly fitting for the winter season, this exhibition also offers great Christmas gifts, including a Scandinavian photo collection.    

"Why do people draw pictures?" Hibino Katsuhiko - last few days!

December 10, 2010 / Exhibition

The 13th December is the final day of Hibino Katsuhiko's solo exhibition. Over a period of 6 weeks the prolific work of Hibino has permeated all spaces of 3331, not just the gallery. From the original Asatte Asagao Project, with Morning Glory plants growing up the front of the building, to the huge vessels of the FUNE project, with monumental ships situated on the wood deck and in the community space, to the raucous Hibino Cup, a fierce competition of "creative" soccer on the rooftop, not to mention the numerous talk sessions, there have been numreous events reflecting the multiple aspects of Hibino's artistic pursuits. These events have not only be limited to the arts field, but have engaged a wide range of experties including archaeology, geology and deep sea diving, engaging in discussions of all levels and expanding the territory which art may extend to through exchange with many other fields.
Visitors have also been given the chance to join in this exhibition and accomanying events on various different levels, from the direct and simple pleasure of viewing the work on display, to joining the heated discussions between Hibino and his counterparts, to collecting the seeds of the Morning Glory plants, to exerting some real energy and joining the Hibino Cup. But perhaps one of the highlights of this program has been Hibino's "Crane Painting", hanging 30m in the air, the lone artist spent the whole day on 14th November creating a new work especially for the front of 3331, drawing crowds from all over the neighbourhood who watched and cheered him on throughout his creative process.
If you haven't already seen the exhibition don't miss your chance!

POCORART Exhibition

December 10, 2010 / 


POCOART is an initiative to open access to the arts for all and to celebrate the creative acitivity of people of all abilities. From 28th January - 10th February 2011 3331 will be hosting a special exhibition of works by artists and creative individuals with disabilities. This is an open call exhibition accepting submissions from all over the country, and aims to provide a unique opportunity to encounter the diverse expressions of creatives from all regions of Japan.

Upcoming Exhibition : Words & Pictures

December 10, 2010 / Exhibition

3331 will be hosting an exhibition of words, picutres and photographs from children all over the world from 22nd December - 23rd January. Featuring the touching photographs of Caroline Irby, along with the messages and drawings of young contributors, this is a heart warming exhibition perfect for the Christmas and New Year Season to be enjoyed by all the family.

Takakura Yoshinori : Parasite - Gain from Life

December 5, 2010 / Exhibition

Takakura Yoshinori launched his solo exhibition in our 3331 gallery this week, with strikingly vibrant works.

Artist Statement:
The strength of something that lies in the depths of our mind, something which goes beyond words.When we look at the contemporary world we are faced with the extreme action of a battle which has become common place, where the reckless wielding of power is rampant.The loss of morals and the desires which enwrap us as humans is what Takakura takes as his motif.


Attached to Renewal - Akibatamabi21

September 11, 2010 / Exhibition

Another fascinating show from Akibatambi this time involving a collaboration between graduates of Tama Art University and philosophers. Again the space is transformed this time into clincal white in which curious works co-exist with each other. Please come along and see for yourselves.

"3331 Gallery" - another new art space at 3331

September 9, 2010 / Exhibition


3331 is launching another new space within its vast centre, a space in which to get closer to the latest contemporary art and even have the chance to buy it!

The space is launched this Saturday 11th September and its inaugural exhibition presents a range of works by artist Anna Fryer in a solo exhibition titled "FRICTION". The works here form sporadic clusters of constallations throughout the gallery space moving from the microscopic to the macroscopic through the use of motifs from the everyday environment.

Please take this chance to come and view and even acquire the work.

3331 presents TOKYO : Part 2 Events

August 3, 2010 / Exhibition

With the summer holidays now underway, 3331 is pleased to open an exhibition which can be enjoyed by all the family, with a full range of activities specifically targeting children and parents. In addition to the highly anticipated main exhibits by Able Art Japan, Hafu Project, Shouichi Ono's Centenarian Portraits and "sento" (public bath) scenery experts Sento Shinkousha, 3331 is hosting a whole series of events everyday throughout the exhibition period. In the first half of this exhibition part of the gallery space will be especially devoted to children's creative acitivites "Child's Play". With exciting exhibits produced by groups and companies specializing in creative play and learning for children as well as daily workshops with hands on fun for all ages, 3331 is a great place to spend the summer break.
Furthermore in the second half of the exhibition 3331 is offering a platform to Tokyo's international community celebrating their own contribution to the creativity of the city in "TOKYO DIVERSITY", with exhibitors hailing originally from Europe, Africa and Asia this program offers this program offers an expanded international perspective on the city we inhabit, also to be accompanied by talk events and workshops by HAA! House of African Art, Tokyo Green Space and dislocate.
And if that isn't already engough, the diverse range of creative organizations hosted at 3331 will also be holding talk events, performances and seminars throughout the exhibition period. This summer is the perfect time to join 3331.
7th August
12:00-14:00 Children's Workshop "Face Card" : Lounge
14:00-16:00 Children's Workshop "Kaekko" : Community Space
15:00-17:00 Children's Workshop "Face Card" : Lounge
18:00-21:00 Opening Party : Community Space
8th August
12:00-18:00 The Power of a Smile - Photo Session for over 75s : Gallery
12:00-16:30 Able Art Cultural Forum : Community Space
10th August
13:00-15:00 Children's workshop "Movie Card" : Lounge
16:00-18:00 Children's workshop "PeKay the piglet picture book" : Lounge
11th August
13:00-15:00 Children's workshop "PeKay the piglet picture book" : Lounge
16:30-18:30 Children's workshop "Digital Play talk event" : Lounge
12th August
13:00-18:30 Children's workshop "Viscit"+"Anime Card" : Lounge
18:00-21:00 Tokyo Condition 2010 Daisuke Kishii : Community Space
13th August
19:00-22:00 Hafu Project Night : Community Space
18th August
19:00-22:00 Himanainu : Lounge
19th August
19:00-21:00 P+Archive - Art & Society Research Centre
19:00-21:00 Tokyo Art Research Lab 3F 302
20th August
19:00-22:00 Dada things up a bit : Community Space
21st August
13:00-14:00 Fantastic Ballet : dance performance : Community Space
14:00-17:00 Chaco Kato Workshop "The Art of Vegetables" : Multispace
15:00-17:00 Live painting by Sento Shinkousha : Gallery
17:00-18:00 Fantastic Ballet : dance performance : Community Space
19:00-21:00 Tokyo DIY Gardening Workshop : Community Space
22nd August
12:00-18:00 3331xChange : clothes exchange market
15:00-17:00 Talk event "French Contemporary Circus" : Lounge
24th August
19:00-21:00 Tokyo Art Research Lab : 3F 302
25th August
19:00-21:00 HAA! House of African Art : Lounge
20:00-21:00 Tokyo Art Research Lab : 3F 302
26th August
19:00-21:00 Tokyo Art Research Lab : 3F 302
27th August
12:00-19:00 Mishima x Tama Art University Project - Community Space
28th August
12:00-19:00 Mishima x Tama Art University Project - Community Space
12:00-18:00 The Power of a Smile - Photo Session for over 75s : Gallery
17:00-21:00 Film Screening - Roof top
29th August
12:00-19:00 Mishima x Tama Art University Project - Community Space
12:00-20:00 The Condition of Tokyo : 3F 302
12:00-18:00 The Power of a Smile - Photo Session for over 75s : Gallery
14:00-17:00 dislocate mediActions : Lounge
17:00-19:00 Secret Auction result announcement : gallery B


July 15, 2010 / Exhibition

AKIBATAMABI21 again set a new standard in their latest exhibition by Tama Art University graduates. The two gallery spaces have been completely transformed by the group "Olta", a collective of extrodinary characters, with strong personalities. One gallery has metaphorosised into a countryside rice farm, while the other has become what appears to be an aquarium of marvellous forms.


3331 presents Tokyo : Part 1 - Review

July 1, 2010 / Exhibition

Capturing a fly's eye vision of this vibrant city, 3331 presents a unique perspective upon Tokyo through the various organizations and creative practitioners based within the centre itself. This dynamic exhibition unveils the multiple aspects of this kaleidoscopic metropolis. This eclecticism and multiplicity is reflected in the very entrance way of the gallery space, a site specific work created by Naoki Sato and Daijiro Ohara in an original "play on words", a typographic installation in which they spin an improvised dialogue between each other examining the many dimensions of textual form to the point that they lose grasp of their own language.
The gallery opens out to reveal a vast population of curious comfort creatures, "Wife san" created by Tomomi Ohzone, hanging from the gallery walls in a multi-coloured jungle of limbs. Visitors are invited to make friends with one of these individuals by wrapping the character around your body and while walking around the exhibition develop a new relationship.
Shrieks of laughter bring us to the work of Gabin Ito, "An e-sports Amalgam", an interactive installation which is proving very popular with all visitors as they try out a new form of sports, played across a sloping sports ground and moving image projection which responds to the players actions. Here is it is up to you to make up the rules and have fun in the challenge of gravity and technology.
The churning of a row of printers brings us to the work of Hideki Inaba. The prolific designer has such a body of work that it could form a never ending publication and "Printer" seems to suggest this possibility. In this interactive installation audiences are welcomed to visit +81 Gallery+Lab on the 2nd floor and select work from his oeuvre which will then be printed out in the 1st floor main gallery in a constant production line.
Further on we are met with another expression of infinity in the vast imaginary landscapes of Norihito Ogata. "Extraordinary Machine#5" is part of a series in which Ogata constructs fictional images with the resources available on Google Map's 'Street View' service. His photography explores the 'absolute architecture', in question of the reality of expanding urban space and that of our perception. From the distortions of imagination and reality in our outer spaces, we move to an inner space of shamanistic power, and ritual force in the work of Miyuki Mitsui, suggesting at a world beyond our own, with strange idols and iconographies conjuring images of religious rites, an unnerving form emerges from this human size mass of materials, a menacing presence or one which can charm?
Beyond this emerges another sequence of collaged celestial bodies, colours across the spectrum connect between their microscopic forms, constructing galaxies of constellations in the work of Kohei Yamashita.Taisuke Koyama's "Untitled(Melting Rainbows)", continues this blurring between nature and the man-made, creating natural phenomenon in the synthetic in this photographic series.
We are met with colour and vibrance i this exhibition but we are also confronted with a seated violence in the work of Hideki Nakajima "re-street view/line#1" in which the artist achieves both a sturdy coolness yet simultneously unleashes a thrust of emotion in this series of work which pursues the technique of frottage, revealing the textures of the everyday streets we walk upon in silk screen print across agressively slashed canvases.
3331 presents Tokyo : part 1 arrests us with the plurality of Tokyo's existence, its energy, brightness and colour but also its subtlties and darker dimensions which are present within its many layers. We welcome you to come and experience the city within 3331 yourself.
All Images © Ujin Matsuo

Emerging Artists 2010

May 15, 2010 / Exhibition

Emerging Artists 2010
Date: 8 May - 22 May 2010
Opening Hours: 11:00-19:00
Closed on: Sundays & Mondays
Admission: Free of Charge
Venue: B107 Bambinart Gallery

This exhibition presents the work of a group of students who graduated in March 2010: Chiaki Iida、Ayano Higayaki, Sakura Fukushima and Seisuke Momono.


"ghost" - Taro Komiya - g³/ gallery

May 15, 2010 / Exhibition

"ghost" - Taro Komiya Solo Exhibition
Date: 20 April (Tuesday) - 20 May (Thursday) 2010
Opening Hours: 11:00-18:00
※Sunday/Monday by appointment only
Venue: 3F 303 g³/ gallery
Admission: Free of charge
Artist: Taro Komiya
Organized by: g³/(triple g)

g³/ is pleased to present the solo exhibition of Taro Komiya, entitled "ghost". In his works Komiya, who is currently undertaking doctoral studies at Kyoto University of Art and Design, investigates the "self and other", "material and immaterial", "Japan and the world", "past, present, future", taking the existing phenomenon which we ignore in daily life as a metaphor, and reconstructing these chain like networked relations. The work presents a query and instigates a query in the viewer upon encountering the work - Komiya's work is simultaneously a place from which many questions are projected and a place in which these questions come together. Komiya is also exhibiting as part of Art Award Tokyo Marunouchi 2010 and this solo exhibition offers the opportunity to appreciate the work of this young artist whose contribution to the art scene is greatly anticipated.

1|《portrait》 mixed media 2009

2|《portrait》 installation view 2009

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