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OPEN CALL for Participants + Invitation to Observe Performance "A.W.#3" Held on October 19 at AIR 3331 Iwamotocho Studio!!!

September 18, 2019 / Event

OPEN CALL for Participants + Invitation to Observe Performance "A.W.#3" Held on October 19 at AIR 3331 Iwamotocho Studio!!!

(Photo: Documentation of performance completed in Germany ©Michel Done)

"Dear Audience,
You are invited to participate in the performance 'Artificial Walk #3'. Eight people can take part. We will walk slowly in a line in the Kanda area of Chiyoda City. You get a blue tarpaulin that you wear as a mantle, and you can keep it after."
- Marie Julia Bollansée (Artist)

Marie Julia Bollansée, based in Antwerp, Belgium, and participating as artist in residence at AIR 3331, will hold her performance "A.W.#3, Artificial Walk #3" for the very first time in Tokyo on October 19 (Sat), 2019. She invites the audience to participate.
For this ephemeral performance, she creates a dress in indigo colored sheep wool, which is knit by her mother. She asks for eight people to walk with her. A blue tarpaulin functions as an artificial extension around the body. By walking together, the performers generate A.S., Artificial Spirituality (rather than Artificial Intelligence, or A.I.)
Bollansée invites volunteers to take this chance to become part of the performances of "Artificial Walks" held throughout the world. In the past, "A.W.#1" was held in Belgium, and "A.W.#2" in Germany.

*October 19 (Sat), 2019 at AIR 3331 Iwamotocho Studio (start and end point)
(Address: 3-6-8 Iwamotocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0032)
*14:00: Artist talk by Marie Julia Bollansée, everybody is welcome!
*14:30: Start of performance, "Artificial Walk #3"
Eight members of the audience wear a blue tarpaulin mantle and form a line. They follow the artist who walks ahead and sets the rhythm (members may only leave the line for unavoidable situations).
*After the walk, the line arrives back at the AIR 3331 Iwamotocho Studio. You can keep your blue tarpaulin, which the artist has numbered and signed. You achieve a unique edition of art!

Artist website:

[What is AIR 3331?]
AIR 3331 Open Call welcomes creatives from diverse backgrounds to research, produce and exhibit at 3331 Arts Chiyoda―injecting an international perspective right into the heart of Tokyo's art scene. For application information, please visit:

[AIR3331] June Happenings: Olympic Afterlife to Future Wonderland

June 19, 2015 / Open Residence / AIR3331

Thanks to our (very) recent addition to our residence space and ongoing open call for participants, our number of monthly creators-in-residence has jumped from two to five! AIR3331 will continue its mission to inject international perspective into the heart of Kanda, Tokyo through regular open studios, exhibitions and events. Here's how you can join us this June:

Jying Tan (Singapore) 6.01-6.28
Jean-Maxime Dufresne and Virginie Laganière (Canada) 6.01-6.28
Hakan Topal (USA) 6.15-7.10
Julia Mejnertsen (Denmark) 6.08-7.05


Future Wonderland
by Jying Tan


"Future Wonderland" explores the loss of a developed country in the midst of progression. An exploration of archival Tokyo cityscape photography and Japanese science fiction film will be used to explore this concept as it applies to the Tokyo metropolis.

Period: June 24 (Wed) - 27 (Sat), 2015
Hours: 10:00-17:00 * Open until noon on the 27th
Venue: AIR3331 Nishikichō Studio (Tokyo Chiyoda-ku, Kanda-Nishikicho 3-16 2F)
Free entry

[Open Studio]
Date: June 19, 2015
Time: 19:00 - 21:00
Venue: AIR3331 Nishikichō Studio (Tokyo Chiyoda-ku, Kanda-Nishikicho 3-16 2F)
Free entry

Olympic Afterlife
by Jean-Maxime Dufresne & Virginie Laganière


Residency research focuses on narratives surrounding architectural sites of the Olympics held in 1964 and being staged for 2020 in Tokyo. Photography and video is presented in exploration of post-olympic uses, their daily life and maintenance, as well as the potential imaginary they hold for citizens through time and their entanglements with larger societal issues.

Period: June 8 (Mon) - 27 (Sat) 2015
Hours: 12:00-19:00
Venue: AIR3331 Soto-Kanda Studio (Room 205 in 3331 Arts Chiyoda)
Free Entry
Full listing here

[Open Studio & Artist Talk]
Date: June 25 (Thu) 2015
Time: 17:00 - 19:00 *Talk begins at 6PM
Venue: AIR3331 Soto-Kanda Studio (Room 205 in 3331 Arts Chiyoda)
Free entry

Search for me in plain sight
by Julia Mejnertsen

julia mejnertsen_search for me in plain sight #1.jpeg

Staged photography series surrounding the revelation that Tokyoites have a special ability to find a personal space anywhere in the city despite of - or perhaps rather as a result of - the size of the population. Let's not grow careless and blind, but let's keep looking for those people, who hide in plain sight.

[Open Studio]
Date: June 26 (Fri), 2015
Time: 18:00 - 19:00
Venue: AIR3331 Nishikichō Studio (Tokyo Chiyoda-ku, Kanda-Nishikicho 3-16 2F)
Free entry

*An exhibition will also be held from July 2-5. Please stay tuned for details.

Unrelated Matters
by Hakan Topal

Installation ongoing. Please stay tuned for details.

Press Release: 3331 Art Fair 2015 -Various Collectors' Prizes-

December 29, 2014 / Press Release


'3331 Art Fair 2015 -Various Collectors' Prizes‒' will be held for the second time at 3331 Arts Chiyoda this coming spring (from Saturday March 21 - Sunday March 29, 2015).

The art fair brings together over 90 sets of artists and their artwork under one roof, offering a glimpse into just one valuable part of contemporary art - a compelling, fresh sensibility and what is truly here-and-now. In distinguishing itself from other art fairs, 3331 Art Fair involves prominent contemporary art collectors and key people from diverse fields to award a 'Collectors Prize' when purchasing a work. In addition, the audience is also invited to participate in establishing their own prize.

Furthermore, the fair is wide open to beginners with opportunities for participation and tips to be found, suggesting a new method of involvement and the appeal of the fair by helping others discover the "first step" towards becoming a collector.

We welcome you to experience the art fair as an integration of artists, collectors, and the audience.

Find the first edition press release here.

3331 Open Residence: October events

October 10, 2014 / Event

This month features the culminating results of two resident artists at 3331, Anna Higgins (Australia) and Georg Jagunov (Republic of Belarus/Denmark). Though the exhibitions have been conceived and produced independently, the joint timing of the exhibition and opening allows for enjoyable viewing of both shows. Visitors are welcome to enter freely and discuss with the artists.

間 (Ma)
Anna Higgins

Anna Higgins_W650px.jpg

[Open Studio]
October 18 (Sat), 2-7 PM
Venue: 203, 2F 3331 Arts Chiyoda
Free Entry

Drop by the studio to see Anna's works in progress as she cuts, builds, and projects her photographic sculptures. Enjoy a free chat as well! (Translation available)

October 25-30, 2014
Venue: 203, 2F 3331 Arts Chiyoda
Free Entry

*An opening reception will be held on October 25 (Saturday) from 6PM in tandem with Georg Yagunov's exhibition.

Event description:
Artist profile:


Georg Yagunov Solo Exhibition

Georg Jagunov_W650px.jpg

October 25-30, 2014
Venue: 203, 2F 3331 Arts Chiyoda
Free Entry

* A living sculpture will be present during the opening reception on October 25th (Saturday) from 6PM. The reception will be held in tandem with Anna Higgins' exhibition.

Event description:
Artist profile:

TAT2014 Feature : Patricia Piccinini and The Skywhale

September 25, 2014 / Event

TRANS ARTS TOKYO 2014 Participant Artist: Patricia Piccinini

Magnificent and beautiful, an enormous spectacle of the mystery of life fluttering about the Tokyo sky.


As part of this year's Trans Arts Tokyo, contemporary artist Patricia Piccinini (previous participant in the Venice Biennale) will awaken her hot air balloon artwork 'The Skywhale' outside of Australia for the first time. The beauty overwhelms the viewer as it gracefully engorges to span 24 meters in height at 34 meters in length, accompanied by the periodic roar of its gas flames.

The Skywhale crowned this year's opening after much sweat over weather conditions. As Piccinini had stated, "she" (the Skywhale) is not unlike nature, being as uncontrollable as the weather itself. Just as a whale has evolved to survive and nurture family within the harsh depths of the ocean, so too does the Skywhale live triumphantly in the sky. Is she fictional? A mutation? An undiscovered being? By having the viewer ponder these themes, one also begins to consider the role of humans within nature. Furthermore, by coming together to awaken the Skywhale and discuss as a group, the work becomes a community piece.

Trans Arts Tokyo 2014 - Kanda Living Park. A space where people can gather and exchange varied outlooks through dialogue, just as a family spends time together in the comfort of a living room. Piccinini's contribution to this year's theme will hopefully continue to strengthen the creative spirit within Tokyo's community.



Artist Talk
Date: Friday September 26
Time: 19:30-21:30
Location: 3331 Arts Chiyoda

The Skywhale in Tokyo
Dates: Saturday and Sunday (September 27-28)
Times: 8:00-11:00, 17:00-20:00
Location: Former Tokyo Denki University (2-2 Nishiki-cho, Kanda, Chiyoda-ku)
Free entry!

Helicopter view in Tokyo
About the Skywhale
Trans Arts Tokyo event page
Photo: Martin Ollman 《skywhale, 2013》

DOMMUNE University of the Arts -Tokyo Arts Circulation-

September 23, 2014 / Event

DOMMUNE will move it's studio to 3331 Arts Chiyoda and open an art university!!!
The art project to end all art projects!!!


"DOMMUNE University of the Arts -Tokyo Arts Circulation-" will take place from September 20 - November 3, 2014 at 3331 Arts Chiyoda. Since DOMMUNE's first broadcast in March 2010, this online media platform has continued to broadcast its live streaming talk and DJ shows internationally, pulling an audience of about 10,000 simultaneous views each time, totaling over 45 million viewers. The mastermind behind all of this, Naohiro Ukawa, is an artist of integrative thinking, having been involved in a wide range of activities as a graphic designer, VJ, writer, university professor, contemporary artist and more.

This exhibition will be held as an opportunity to call the world's attention to Japan's own way of contemporary art, as Naohiro Ukawa's outward and versatile omnidirectional approach radically recaptures and opens up art's potential.
During the exhibition, DOMMUNE's streaming studio will be shifted to 3331, holding live broadcasts day after day in celebration of artists from around the world.

100 japanese contemporary artists 3331 dommune

As the country moves towards the landmark year 2020, DOMMUNE will unravel the 100 artists representing contemporary Japan by launching the autobiographical interview series「THE 100 JAPANESE CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS」!! Kicking off the series will be 20 artist appearances over 20 live broadcasts (approx. 40 hours total). Meanwhile, each artist's artwork will be exhibited alongside an archive of their live appearance on the show.
From the endlessly metabolic base for expressive activity that is Tokyo, the very breath, words, and philosophy of living artists will be passed on to the next generation, while linking "present progressive art" with a worldwide audience, thus working to build a global network.

▷Live broadcasts on view in the gallery from the following day!! All archives released in succession!!
Footage of each guest artist's interview will be continually re-aired in sequence in the gallery, so they can be enjoyed even at times when there is no live recording. Gearing up towards the landmark year 2020, subtitled versions will be made accessible through a free online archive at the same time.
▷A simultaneous exhibition featuring 20 guest artists!!
An exhibition of carefully selected works from each participating artist will be presented alongside the archive of each artist's appearance on the show.

▷A succession of participating artists is set to go!!!
Makoto Aida
Chu Enoki
Kenjiro Okazaki
Motohiko Odani
On Kawara
Hiroshi Sugimoto
Tsubaki Noboru
Masato Nakamura
Kosai Hori
Mika Ninagawa
Yuko Mohri
Kenji Yanobe
Tadanori Yokoo
... artists are being confirmed one after another!!


dj john cage and the 1000 wolrd wide djs

Lastly, the 21st artist = Naohiro Ukawa and the world release of his latest work!!!!! Under the direction of John Cage, this surging installation consists of the simultaneous playback of an archive of 1000 DJs from around the globe that have been filmed/broadcasted/recorded day and night in Ukawa's studio over the 5 years since DOMMUNE's beginning!!
Raw "contemporary artwork" = 100 living, breathing artists (20 for this event) brought together by DOMMUNE as an entirely new expression of "aura" in its' present form, plus novel "sound-image resuscitation" using an archive of 1000 DJs for you to experience!!!!!!!

◇Related Events
DOMMUNE LIVE PREMIUM will be held as a linked event with "TRANS ARTS TOKYO 2014" at the former Tokyo Denki University venue.
A Kanda district outdoor premium live event featuring domestic and international artists as curated by Naohiro Ukawa (DOMMUNE). Did we mention VIP artist appearances?!! Challenge the world record for simultaneous headphone listeners through the silent disco using wireless headphones!!
(In cooperation with Azden Corporation)


□ Simultaneous related event:
TRANS ARTS TOKYO 2014 (Sponsored by Tokyo University of the Arts, Fine Arts Department of Oil Painting)
An art project oriented towards the future of community and culture with the town of Kanda, Tokyo as its stage. This year's theme is "Kanda Living Park", diversely capturing what it means to live in the heart of the city.

Event outline:
Title: DOMMUNE University of the Arts -Tokyo Arts Circulation-
Venue: 3331 Arts Chiyoda 1F main gallery
6-11-14 Sotokanda Chiyoda-ku Tokyo Japan 101-0021
Event period: September 20 (Sat.) - November 3 (Mon.) 2014
Event time: 【Exhibition】 12:00-19:00(Until 23:30 on dates of live broadcast)
     【Live Broadcast】 19:00-23:30(Held irregularly within the event period)
Organized by DOMMUNE + 3331 Arts Chiyoda
Supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs Government of Japan in the fiscal 2014
In cooperation with Azden Corporation, EIZO Corporation, Canon Inc.
Produced in collaboration with Yamamoto Gendai


Naohiro Ukawa (DOMMUNE)

Born in Kagawa Prefecture in 1968, held professorship at Kyoto University of Art and Design. Filmmaker, graphic designer, VJ, writer, and "contemporary artist"... Ukawa adopts an omnidirectional approach to an exceedingly wide variety of artistic activities. A praised "MEDIA THERAPIST", he has crossed out accepted fine art and popular culture in turning towards the most freely expressive activities Japan has on offer. March 2010 marked his sudden independent launch of the live streaming studio/channel "DOMMUNE", an online media platform that has hit record view counts and has become a Japan Media Arts Festival recommended work through its continuous call for discussion both domestically and abroad. Currently, DOMMUNE remains Ukawa's profession.

Topography of the Mind - Artist Talk & Open Studio by Residence Artist Sam Doctor

August 18, 2012 / Event

Topography of the Mind
Residence Artist Sam Doctor
Artist Talk 24th August (Fri) 17:00~18:00 Party 18:00~19:00
Venue: B105 AFT Open Space
Open Studio 26th August (Sunday) 12:00-19:00
Venue: B108 Residence Studio


Sydney based artist Sam Doctor is joining 3331's residence program throughout August. His art practice centering on video, sculpture, photography and performance can be seen as an ongoing confrontation between humankind and the environment, highlighting the fragility of mankind in the face of natural forces, exposing the Faustian side of human nature and our will to contain what cannot be contained.

"Surveying over six years of my previous works, it is striking to what extent landscaped has assumed a variety of different functions and faces. The work from 2006, Places we have never been documented landscapes ranging from mountains, mist and glacial terrains. Where night falls all day long (2008) depicted rock faces, a quarry and the remnants of burnt-out buildings. Furthermore my recent work A Song for the Stone Breakers (2011), I captured the landscape of a live sulphuric volcano billowing sallow smoke and ash surrounded by a steely, turquoise-coloured acid lake. In each of these cases landscape is used as a contemplative surface, a communicative mechanism, and a vehicle for conveying a complex and sometimes conflicted emotive state."
Sam Doctor

Through his residency Sam Doctor has been researching the emotional, spiritual and psychological states that landscape can provoke, exploring these through an experiential journey into the mystical practices of Japanese mountain asceticism. Through arduous mountain climbs combined with the peace and beauty of the natural world, he attempts to purify his perception, revitalize his energy and reconnect with his truest, while at the same time connecting and interacting with the high velocity of Tokyo's urban life, questioning how one might integrate with both environments without a sense of disengagement from one location to another; or if in fact one world revolves around the other. The outcomes of these investigations will be presented in an open studio to be held on 26th August.

Artist url:


AIR3331 Research Project "An Alternative Tokyo"

February 22, 2012 / Open Residence / AIR3331

Asian Artists Discover
An Alternative Tokyo

Residence Program: 1st February - 31st March 2012
Exhibition: 3rd March - 25th March 2012 12:00-19:00 3331 Arts Chiyoda Main Gallery B

In an artist in residence (AIR) program artists stay and make work in a specific location, building an intimate relationship with the people and place and release many of the stories, the history, the culture which is contained within the locality.

In this AIR3331 residence program being held at 3331 Arts Chiyoda acclaimed artists from India, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia take the first steps in a long term research project. In their 1 month stay what will they encounter? Who will they meet? How will they form a relationship with the neighbourhood?

In this exhibition the artists will present interviews, research documentation, plans for project development, while using the gallery as an open studio space in which visitors may engage with the live creation and investigations of the artists, this opportunity of exchange being a vital process for the artists.

Let's anticipate "An Alternative Tokyo" to be uncovered by these artists as they interact with the people of Tokyo, its international communities, experts and 3331 visitors, in an eclectic mix of people and places.


Chintan Upadhyay
Born 1972, Rajastan, India. Currently resides in New Delhi. 1997 graduated Masters course of Faculty of Fine Arts, M.S.U Baroda Gujarat. 2000 - 01 Gadi scholarship, NLKA, New Delhi. 2004 - 05 Awarded Charles Wallace Foundation Award for a residency in Bristol, U.K. Founder of artist initiative Sandarbh, a not for profit organization run by artists working in rural areas. His work focuses upon painting and sculpture, which is highly acclaimed in India and internationally.

Uthit Atimana

Born 1972, Rajastan, India. Currently resides in New Delhi. 1997 graduated Masters course of Faculty of Fine Arts, M.S.U Baroda Gujarat. 2000 - 01 Gadi scholarship, NLKA, New Delhi. 2004 - 05 Awarded Charles Wallace Foundation Award for a residency in Bristol, U.K. Founder of artist initiative Sandarbh, a not for profit organization run by artists working in rural areas. His work focuses upon painting and sculpture, which is highly acclaimed in India and internationally.
095 Suffer 3.jpg

Yeoh Lian Heng

Born in 1978. In 2004 founded the art space and collective "Lost Generation" with his artist peers, pursuing eclectic expression in the exploration of art's role in society. Building up highly meaningful relationships with local communities his projects often directly serve the specific neighbourhoods they are based in.

Huy Nhu Nguyen

Born 1971. Active as the organizer of various exhibitions of young artists and national and international art projects in Ho Chi Minh City and beyond. As well as actively promoting Vietnamese contemporary art internationally he also translates foreign contemporary art texts into Vietnamese . Director of alternative art space Zerostation.

Sala Wong & Peter Williams - Artists in Residence June 2011

May 11, 2011 / Event


Sala Wong and Peter Williams will be resident artists at 3331 throughout June. Not only will they be undertaking research and developing a project with the direct engagement of local people, they will also be holding a week long exhibition in our "3331 Gallery".

Sala Wong is a New Media artist. Her work manifests itself in digital media, installation, sculpture, wearable art, computer-controlled environments, and locative media. Her large-scale multimedia installations explore real and virtual spaces through augmentation. Most recently, her work investigates issues of diversity by means of documentary and intervention in public urban spaces. Her research concerns the interaction of spaces and everyday life. Space is the medium in which we sense and perceive the world. It is understood and shaped in countless ways. Throughout history, our grasp of space has continually evolved to the extent now that we not only comfortable conceiving of it - but also navigating it - in both concrete and abstract terms. Thus, space is an essential aspect of her research, and is expressed in her work in many different ways. She produces conceptually oriented art works that evaluate social, political and cultural issues by distilling the complexity of contemporary life into concise yet open-ended aesthetic experiences. Indeterminacy, site-specificity, interaction, process, participation and experience all play a part in her artistic practice. Sala Wong is currently associate professor at Indiana State University teaching Digital Art.

Peter Williams was born in Canada and currently resides in the United States. He is a New Media artist whose work playfully and poetically interprets and expresses the complications and contradictions of popular culture and media. Specializing in moving images, generative and participatory art, he makes work that is unstable - meeting, averting and translating the viewer's gaze. Contemporary media is elastic and chimerical; it more and more resembles us. Through his art, Williams struggles with this ever-deepening recursion. He is currently assistant professor at DePauw University teaching Digital and New Media Art.

Sala and Peter's work has been shown in Russia, Thailand, Japan, USA, Canada, Finland, Estonia, Czech Republic Singapore and Hong Kong.

Exhibition: Lost and Found In Tokyo
June 27- July 3 2011
Opening times: 10:00-19:00 (20:00 weekends)
3331 Gallery


Urban space represents a conflation of contexts: everyday life, history, politics, economics, law enforcement, urban planning, and the constructs of public and private spaces. In turn, a sometimes-contradictory mix of Official and Unofficial voices represents each of these contexts. Our interest is to understand how these variously related and unrelated forces both inscribe, and are inscribed by, ordinary people. As artists, we position ourselves as outsiders, knowingly subjective in our views, yet open to as many different experiences and opinions as possible. Like many other international cities, Tokyo is affected by shifting economic and political forces throughout the world. A moment of change is also a moment of potential. Perhaps we can record and reflect upon this moment of potential by asking ourselves "What Have I Lost" and "What Have I Found?" We will be asking ourselves these questions, and we will pose these same questions to the people of Tokyo. Giving the current crisis in Japan, changes are inevitable. We feel that we are ready to produce a work of art that will engage directly with the vibrant, international and changing people and social landscape of Tokyo. Our strongly held belief is that art should speak to more than simply the here-and-now. We hope that our Tokyo urban-portrait will be a beautiful gift to the people of Japan.

Artist in Residence - James Deutsher - Solo Show - Art Center Ongoing

February 2, 2011 / Exhibition

James Deutsher

SANAA / Clay Feet the color of Bacon Bits
2nd February - 14th February 2011
Art Center Ongoing
opening party Wednesday 2nd Feb from 7-9pm.


Insideout / Tokyo Project Talk Session #2 "Cinema Revolution"

December 10, 2010 / Event

Insideout / Tokyo Project Talk Session #2 "Cinema Revolution"
Date: 9th January (Sunday) 2011
Time: 19:00-20:30(Doors Open 18:30)
Capacity:50 (Reservation is not required)
Venue: 1F Lounge

Speakers: Kishida Kuniaki (Director of Takada Sekaikan) Ootsuki Takahiro (Head of Tollywood/Pole Pole Higashi Nakano Advisor) Ishikawa Hiroshi(Film Director) Ishiyama Takuma(ZERODATE)
Insideout / Tokyo Project
Talk Session #2 "Cinema Revolution: How a Small Cinema Theatre can change your Neighbourhood"
The art project "Zerodate", initiated by creative individuals from Odate, Akita, have taken on the disused cinema "Onari-za" as a new cultural centre for the city. What kind of possibilities can be found in the space of a cinema? Can a regenerated cinema contribute to the local community? What is it that only a small scale cinema can achieve?
This talk event brings together director of the historic Takada Sekaikan (Niigata), the head of Tollywood and Pole Pole Higashinakano (Tokyo) which is a gateway to young film directors, as well as Odate film director Ishikawa Hiroshi, plus other guests.

*Please note event conducted in Japanese only

Tokyo Culture Creation Project
Non-Profit Arts Organization CommandN
3331 Arts Chiyoda

■Insideout/Tokyo Project   

|flowers|dance performance PARADISE @3331 Arts Chiyoda

November 18, 2010 / Event


On 3rd & 4th December 3331 will become the stage for the dance performance of the widely acclaimed artist Yumi Yoshimoto. Yoshimoto is a unique performer and her productions involve collaborations with artists and experts from many different fields to realize an exquisite blend of visual, aural and physical expressions. Her recent performance this year, realized in a ship yard of Kawasaki, is full testamont to her sensitive yet dramatic site specific productions, set upon the landscape of industrial factories and the glistening sea, she transformed the space into one filled with a mysterious and creative energy.

This time Yoshimoto takes on the pure white space of the 3331 lounge and in collaboration with sound artist Hiromichi Sakamoto, installation artist Kazuhiro Ishiyama and lighting artist Yasuko Abe, she is set to provide an intense experience of absence and presence, memory and the reality of now, a myriad of elements will be brought together in a tense compression which seeks out the possibilities and limits of the body and the space we inhabit.

3rd & 4th December
Doors Open at 20:00 Performance Starts at 20:30 (performance approximately 40 minutes)
Tickets: 2000yen
Venue: 3331 Arts Chiyoda Lounge

3331 presents TOKYO : Part 2 Events

August 3, 2010 / Exhibition

With the summer holidays now underway, 3331 is pleased to open an exhibition which can be enjoyed by all the family, with a full range of activities specifically targeting children and parents. In addition to the highly anticipated main exhibits by Able Art Japan, Hafu Project, Shouichi Ono's Centenarian Portraits and "sento" (public bath) scenery experts Sento Shinkousha, 3331 is hosting a whole series of events everyday throughout the exhibition period. In the first half of this exhibition part of the gallery space will be especially devoted to children's creative acitivites "Child's Play". With exciting exhibits produced by groups and companies specializing in creative play and learning for children as well as daily workshops with hands on fun for all ages, 3331 is a great place to spend the summer break.
Furthermore in the second half of the exhibition 3331 is offering a platform to Tokyo's international community celebrating their own contribution to the creativity of the city in "TOKYO DIVERSITY", with exhibitors hailing originally from Europe, Africa and Asia this program offers this program offers an expanded international perspective on the city we inhabit, also to be accompanied by talk events and workshops by HAA! House of African Art, Tokyo Green Space and dislocate.
And if that isn't already engough, the diverse range of creative organizations hosted at 3331 will also be holding talk events, performances and seminars throughout the exhibition period. This summer is the perfect time to join 3331.
7th August
12:00-14:00 Children's Workshop "Face Card" : Lounge
14:00-16:00 Children's Workshop "Kaekko" : Community Space
15:00-17:00 Children's Workshop "Face Card" : Lounge
18:00-21:00 Opening Party : Community Space
8th August
12:00-18:00 The Power of a Smile - Photo Session for over 75s : Gallery
12:00-16:30 Able Art Cultural Forum : Community Space
10th August
13:00-15:00 Children's workshop "Movie Card" : Lounge
16:00-18:00 Children's workshop "PeKay the piglet picture book" : Lounge
11th August
13:00-15:00 Children's workshop "PeKay the piglet picture book" : Lounge
16:30-18:30 Children's workshop "Digital Play talk event" : Lounge
12th August
13:00-18:30 Children's workshop "Viscit"+"Anime Card" : Lounge
18:00-21:00 Tokyo Condition 2010 Daisuke Kishii : Community Space
13th August
19:00-22:00 Hafu Project Night : Community Space
18th August
19:00-22:00 Himanainu : Lounge
19th August
19:00-21:00 P+Archive - Art & Society Research Centre
19:00-21:00 Tokyo Art Research Lab 3F 302
20th August
19:00-22:00 Dada things up a bit : Community Space
21st August
13:00-14:00 Fantastic Ballet : dance performance : Community Space
14:00-17:00 Chaco Kato Workshop "The Art of Vegetables" : Multispace
15:00-17:00 Live painting by Sento Shinkousha : Gallery
17:00-18:00 Fantastic Ballet : dance performance : Community Space
19:00-21:00 Tokyo DIY Gardening Workshop : Community Space
22nd August
12:00-18:00 3331xChange : clothes exchange market
15:00-17:00 Talk event "French Contemporary Circus" : Lounge
24th August
19:00-21:00 Tokyo Art Research Lab : 3F 302
25th August
19:00-21:00 HAA! House of African Art : Lounge
20:00-21:00 Tokyo Art Research Lab : 3F 302
26th August
19:00-21:00 Tokyo Art Research Lab : 3F 302
27th August
12:00-19:00 Mishima x Tama Art University Project - Community Space
28th August
12:00-19:00 Mishima x Tama Art University Project - Community Space
12:00-18:00 The Power of a Smile - Photo Session for over 75s : Gallery
17:00-21:00 Film Screening - Roof top
29th August
12:00-19:00 Mishima x Tama Art University Project - Community Space
12:00-20:00 The Condition of Tokyo : 3F 302
12:00-18:00 The Power of a Smile - Photo Session for over 75s : Gallery
14:00-17:00 dislocate mediActions : Lounge
17:00-19:00 Secret Auction result announcement : gallery B

3331 Presents Tokyo Live Events

July 2, 2010 / Event

Accompanying "3331 presents Tokyo : Part 1" a series of live events and performances will be held throughout the exhibition period, highlighting the multiple creative expressions which 3331 aims to bring together. This series will begin with live audio-visual performances by innovative young artist Junji Koyanagi, Shunsuke Watanabe and P.A.N.A Project. From subtle layered landscapes of sound to electronic twists of guitar riffs, these artists will weave and bend an audio architecture around the audience, transporting them to another space. The following live performance on 17th July will include appearances from Christophe Charles, with his highly vivid soundscapes which resonate within, n.A.s.a, a hot new duo full of energy and spark, and Akihiko Taniguchi, bringing computer games and sound performance together. Furthermore 3331 is pleased to host the dance performance of Korean dancer Son Woo-Kyung, in a special show devised especially for the spaces of 3331.
9th July 19:00~ 3331 presents Tokyo Live vol.1
16th July 20:00~ Son Woo-Kyung
17th July 17:00~ 3331 presents Tokyo Live vol.2
23rd July 20:00~ Son Woo-Kyung


Tokyo Graphic Passport

June 17, 2010 / Event

Your chance to expose your work to art & design audiences in Tokyo!
The annual Tokyo Graphic Passport, organized by +81 brings together both Japanese and overseas creators in a great opportunity to share their work with each other as well as expert reviewers and the general public. In this week-long event participants are able to present their portfolios in what has become a widely acclaimed platform for some of the hottest new talent in the creative field.

Tokyo Graphic Passport also includes a series of talks, screenings and participatory events plus an international symposium with contributions from leading creative practitioners from around the world. It is the ideal forum to boost your career in art & design making new connections and gaining new perspectives.

There are 4 categories for submissions:
Graphic Design / Motion Graphic + Interactive / Photography / Art + Illustration
Review panel members include: tomato, Bergman Associates, HASHI Studio inc and G/P Gallery.

Deadline for submissions: 30th June.
Please see the website for more details:

Asatte Asagao Project

May 30, 2010 / Event

The specially commissioned work "Asatte Asagao Project Chiyoda" by Katsuhiko Hibino has now begun its first stage. The seeds planted by local neighbourhood groups have already sprouted and on 7th June these will be planted and guide ropes will be strung from the 1st floor wood deck to the roof top. Furthermore, in an interesting experiment, astronaut Naoko Yamasaki has taken some of Hibino's seeds with her into space, and she has now just returned to Japan. What will such space seeds sprout? These seeds will also be planted on 7th June and we look forward to the blossoming of space flowers.

7th June 2010 09:45-11:00
2nd year pupils of the local Shouhei Elementary School will take the plants which have grown from the sewn seeds and bed them.

Rope Stringing
7th June 2010 13:00-15:00
Local groups will string 60 ropes from the deck to the rooftop after which they will join in discussion with the artist.

※Asatte Asagao Project aims to nurture a communication between people and communities through the cultivation of morning glory plants. This project was first initiated in 2003 in Azamihira, Tokamachi City, Nigata prefecture, in which 20 local communities began to raise morning glory plants, and this has now spread to 23 regions throughout the country.

WORKSHOP "Body Coordinating - Body Time"

May 22, 2010 / Event

1st June (Tuesday) 2010 19:00-21:00
Participation fee: 1st session trial - 1000¥ 3 months (6 sessions) course: 15,000¥
Membership: 5000¥ (As a member you may participate in all of Able Art's courses)
Venue: B111

Completely Relax. Slowly Sense.
A course designed to allow you realize the nature within you. Together we will fully face the body we hold at this very moment and attempt to find a balance between body and mind.

●Suitable for: Those who have sensed a certain tiredness of the body or mind, those who wish to find their comfortable body. Open to anyone who wishes to participate.

●Maximum number participants: 15 people

●Example of activities

Completely unwind your body.
Stretch the muscles of your neck and ankles one by one. Stretch in the opposite direction. Breath deeply.

Rocking the body
Find the melody from your infancy, rocking the body, reenter the womb.

A game of the body
A dance with only your fingers, moving across the floor on only your back, greeting with only your feet.

Undego transformation.
Become a tree swaying in the wind, a rock amongst the waves, change from a seed to a flower.

Unwind the body, play with the body. A space for dialogue with your body, at a gentle pace. Listening to the body and step by step come to a form of dance. Let's open the door to expression.

●Facilitator : Hanabi
Working for general companies for over 12 years finally Hanabi came to end the lifestyle of company worker. After studying performance and dance, Hanabi entered Tokyo Art University, specializing in aesthetics. 2002 debut solo performance. As of 2004 active as workshop facilitator allowing many different people to hear the voice of their body.

Please contact Able Art Japan with your name and contact details
Able Art Japan
101-0021 Tokyo Chiyoda-ku Sotokanda 6-11-14 #208
TEL. 03-5812-4622 FAX. 03-5812-4630

Yoshiaki Kaihatsu : Open Studio

May 19, 2010 / Event

Pilot Residence Program: Yoshiaki Kaihatsu

Open Studio Dates: 8 May (Saturday) - 25 June (Friday) 2010
Exhibition Dates: 26 June (Saturday) - 8 August (Sunday) 2010
Opening Hours: 10:00-21:00
Venue: 2F 203
※Throughout May the artist will not be present on a Friday. When the artist is not present you may view the open studio from the outside.
※Throughout the residence the artist will be holding a series of workshops and talk events.

During his 3 month residency period Kaihatsu will be making new work for Funabashi Anderson Children's Museum as well as creating new responses to the specific area of Akihabara. You are welcome to visit Kaithatsu's open studio and learn more about his activities.

Kaihatsu Sketch

Adult Workshop Series
Dates: 8th July (Thursday) Lecture / 15th July (Thursday) Presentation / 25th July (Sunday) Facilitate Children's workshop / 29th (Thursday) Review 19:00-20:00
Venue: Community Space 1
No. of Participants: 15
Suitable for: Parents and grandparents of children of elementary school age and younger.
Details: Investigating how to create workshops for children, which will then be realized on 25th July.

Kids's Workshop
Date: 19th July (Monday) 13:00-15:00
Venue: Community Space 1/Deck
Participation Fee: 500円(includes workshop materials)
Maximum no. of participants: 60 children (20 children per hour)
Suitable for Elementary school children and younger
Workshop details: "The octopus which doesn't fly" Creating models of things which can not normally fly, and by attaching them to balloons make them fly!

Kaihatsu Moving Image Screening and Talk
Date: 31st July (Saturday) 19:00-21:00 (tbc)
Talk Guests: Yoshiaki Kaihatsu Masato Nakamura
Venue: B1F Screening Room
Admission: 1000円(includes 1 drink)

"Girlfriend" mixed media:furniture.washing machine. plant


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