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Arts Action 3331

April 27, 2011 / Exhibition


A series of special events in support of the Tohoku Earthquake Relief Effort


Date: 29th April (Friday) - 10th July (Sunday) Closed on Tuesdays
Time: 12:00-19:00
Admission: Free
Venue: 1F Main Gallery

Daylily Art Circus is a charity exhibition, presented in a truck, travelling all over Japan. All profits from this project will be going to the areas affected in the recent earthquake, and the exhibition will be finally presented in these local areas for the community to enjoy for free. It is of course important at this time to gather donations and materials to support the victims of this disaster but in order to recover the Tohoku region and Japan itself the activation of economy and culture in Western Japan as well is paramount. Through this engagement we hope the participants will not approach the exhibition as a series of points, but as a line which joins Japan, which joins the towns affected and joins our hearts. Through the visual experience of this charity project we hope to lift the feeling of disillusionment and to connect with a new energy.

Organizer Profile:
Kaihatsu Yoshiaki
2000 Facilitated charity exhibition against land mines
2001 Facilitated charity exhibition against land mines
2011 Facilitated charity event at Mori Art Centre for the Tohoku Earthquake Appeal
Engaged in the facilitation of workshops throughout Japan.

For More Information:

Heart Mark♥Viewing Exhibition and Workshop
Dates:29th April(Friday)〜29th May(Sunday)Closed Tuesdays
Exhibition:12:00-19:00 Workshop:Sat/Sun/Public Holidays 12:00-18:00
Venue:1F Gallery B

Heart Mark♥Viewing is a project initiated by artist Hibino Katsuhiko, offering out our hearts to the areas affected by the earthquake/tsunami. 3331 is acting as a base for this project and hundreds of hearts are being sent from all over the country.

This project is presented until the end of May as part of the Arts Action 3331 program, offering an exhibition on weekdays and workshops on weekends.

The Heart Mark♥Viewing project will continue after this period, persisting in its call for patchwork hearts.
For more information please visit the official site

Koyama Sachihiko "I Saw a Nuclear Power Station"
Date:29th April(Friday)〜15th May(Sunday)Closed on Tuesdays
Venue:1F Main Gallery

The landscape which one day caught my eye. For some reason it has always drawn my attention. Then I discovered it was the location of a Nuclear Power Station. This work is the vague attempt to capture the particular atmosphere of these places.

These might be referred to as Nuclear Power Station photos, yet the images in this series include wide landscape shots with the power station barely discernable and even locations where yet no power station exists but there are plans to build one, so without such explanation it may be hard to identify these photos as such.

These photos were taken throughout Honshu and Shikoku, before the earthquake and include images of the now notorious Fukushima Daichi Power Plant.

Without particular dramatic lighting, these are a series of works executed with a seeming indifference. This is the landscape of nuclear power stations.

Asano Tsukasa "Omoi"

Date:29th April(Friday)~15th May(Sunday)2011 Closed Tuesdays
Venue:1F Main Gallery

It is quite difficult to deal so honestly and directly with the devastation which has occurred through art work, and I wonder if this expression is fully appropriate. However with the strong hope for recovery in my heart and with the encouragement of friends, I drew upon my personal expression to make this work. The photos in this work are of Ishinomaki.

Artist Profile:
Asano Tsukasa 
Born 1974.03.08 Miyagi

Contact Information:

Ohzone Tomomi "Can I make 100 friends" Project
Dates:29th April(Friday)〜30th May(Monday)Closed Tuesdays

Venue:1F Main Gallery

Ohzone began the project "Can I make 100 friends" in the Summer of 2008. As part of this project she created over 100 cuddly toy like "Wife-san". Wife-san are given out to people in the neighbourhood, who are asked to tie these strange creatures to themselves and walk around the familiar surrounding streets. Wouldn't it be great if all bearers of these curious species became friends!

Upon hearing from a friend volunteering in the Tohoku region that those affected by the earthquake would appreciate objects which are soft and comforting, Ohzone began to bring the Wife-san with her while herself volunteering in these regions.

For now she has visited to Iwaki and Shiogama. If you know of some place where Wife-san may be of some comfort please contact to the artist.

Contact Information:

"Hakobi " - Let's Carry Our Thoughts to Tohoku and Make the Refuges Just that Little More Brighter

To carry something:Hakobi
A beautiful box:Hakobi
A box art museum:Hakobi
There are many donated materials being delivered to the refuge shelters in Tohoku. In order to raise people's spirits in particular many books and toys are being sent. However, we have noticed the jumble of these brown cardboard boxes which have collected and gained inspiration to bring artists together to decorate the boxes with pictures and while going to volunteer in the relief effort directly deliver these boxes and their goods to the disaster areas.
Now we are calling for artists who are thinking they would like to do something to help those affected by the earthquake.

So why not draw your pictures on these boxes and send your thoughts to Tohoku. With these drawings we hope we can brighten, even if just a little, the feelings of those staying in these refuges.
Those who wish to contribute to this project please come along to 3331 between the following dates.

Dates:29th April(Friday)~15th May(Sunday)12:00-19:00 Closed Tuesdays
Venue :3331 Arts Chiyoda / 1F Main Gallery
What to bring:Painting Materials(Acrylic paint, materials which will not damage clothes and can easily be washed off)
※Cardboard boxes are already prepared in the gallery

East Japan Earthquake Disaster Documentary Video Screening

Dates:29th April(Friday)〜30th May(Monday)Closed Tuesdays
※Unavailable on the following :9th〜15th May、22nd 、29th May

Venue:1F Main Gallery
This simply edited documentary video was shot in April by 3331 staff as they travelled across Iwate, Miyagi, Fukushima and Northern Ibaraki.
Contact:3331 Arts Chiyoda

"ZENKON Bath" Project

Dates:23rd April(Saturday)〜end of May
Venue:1F Wood deck

KOSHIKI Kobo presents the East Japan Disaster Relief Project "ZENKON Bath", a fully functional bath now on display on 3331's wood deck.

A Buddhist term, meaning the root of goodness, the concept that from building up many small acts of goodness, a goodness as big as a huge tree can grow. In Shikoku for example it is said to be a small goodness to invite a pilgrim visiting the 88 shrines into your home. To offer lodging to such a person is to offer a home for the root of goodness. The harbor café ZEKON, part of the Setouchi International Art Festival also stems from this.

〒763-0073 Kagawa Prefecture Marugame-shi Kubaracho Jijosho 306-2
Saito Tadashi KOSHIKI Kobo Office
East Japan Disaster Relief Project
Tel&Fax 0877-22-1592

Murayama Shujiro "green line project - What Art Can Do"

Dates:29th April(Friday)〜10th July(Sunday)closed Tuesdays
Venue:1F Main Gallery

Through the force of the tsunami the land has been stripped bare and young fresh plants have been eradicated. However nature has a wondrous strength and from the devastated land a new shoot sprouts and from this point a whole line may begin to form until plants once again cover the earth to form a new landscape.

The work presented here calls our thoughts towards the land of those areas devastated by the earthquake/tsunami, and using his unique green painting (Ryoku-ga) technique Murayama will describe upon the wall the Tohoku landscape from sea, to land, to mountains to the sky. This special technique consists of using raw vegetation as the drawing materials to create a picture. Throughout the exhibition Murayama will be developing the wall Muriel, its landscape constantly changing and increasing in its greenness. Finally the landscape will be so covered in green that it will be indiscernible. At this time it is wholly fitting to reveal the hidden power of nature and its beauty which lives close at hand.

In addition here you can buy original "Green Cards" in which all profits will be given to the relief effort. Furthermore as part of the green line project a variety of other events are planned to be announced soon.

Artist Profile:Born 1969 Tokyo. Currently undertaking doctoral research at Tokyo National University for Arts & Music.

more info coming soon!

Tohoko Earthquake Appeal"Arts Action 3331"

April 13, 2011 / 

In response to the recent earthquakes and tsunami which have northern Japan has suffered we are opening up our main gallery space in order to raise support and funds for the relief effort.
We are able to offer a shared space for all kinds of creative actions which may be able to contribute towards this.

●Available between:20th April(Wednesday)~10th July(Sunday)Closed on Tuesdays
●Times:12:00-19:00(in the case of talk events the space is available until 21:00)
※We are accepting proposals of 1 day events and those of a longer length

3331 Arts Chiyoda / 1F Main Gallery
〒101-0021 Tokyo Chiyodaku Sotokanda 6-11-14
TEL:03-6803-2441 / FAX:03-6803-2442

●Suitable for:
Those who are already involved in art action events to support the earthquake appeal, or those who are planning to do so. Individuals/groups/organizations may all apply. Please be aware that depending on the contents of the activity some proposals can not be accepted.
It is possible to collect donations from these activities but we can not accept any activity which is designed to profit the facilitators.

●Available Space:
Smallest available space is 2m×2m. For talk events and workshops a space upto 7m×14m is available. Firstly please fill in the application form and after a first selection process we will contact you to discuss more details.

●Suitable Events:
We are able to provide a free space for events which are related to the visual arts
・Introduction of group/organization's activities
・Talk Event
※Please note that proposed events must have relevance and sensitivity towards the current circumstances
※We can provide free wi-fi
※Electricity points are to be shared amongst all using the space
※We cannot provide printers or photocopiers. Please use the services of nearby convenience stores.
※We can not lend any equipment or tools required for the event - please prepare these yourself.

●Activities not accepted:
・Any activity which produces loud noises or strong smell is not allowed
・Eating and drinking are not allowed
・Fire and dangerous materials are strictly prohibited
・Any activity which causes disturbance to local residents is not allowed.

●Application Process:
・Please apply via email to with「Arts Action 3331 Application」 in the header and the following files attached
 1.Application Form(arts_action3331.xls
 2.Diagrams of how you will use the space and images related to the proposed activity(JPEG)
 ※If the attached files are over 5MB please send by file transfer not email.
・Within 3 days of receiving your application we will contact you to discuss further details
・If you are based in Japan we will request that you come to 3331 for a meeting
・We shall after this inform you if it is possible to realize the proposed project
・We will then keep in close contact up until the date of the event
・Event held
※After you have used the space please ensure it is fully cleaned and returned to its original condition

●Deadline for Applications:
30th June 2011(Thursday)
※It may be that before this deadline we already accept the maximum number of events so please check our website for updates

Andrés de Santiago Areizaga "All that's Left now is Damn Right. Inbred Expediency in Protocol & Poise"

April 13, 2011 / 

Andrés de Santiago Areizaga
"All that's Left now is Damn Right. Inbred Expediency in Protocol & Poise"
One-Off Season of events, talks, field research and work in progress exhibits.

3331's Artist in Residence 23rd April - 3rd May 2011


Since graduating from the Glasgow School of Art in 2002, Andrés has been active not only as a designer, editor, and artist, but has also been involved in the private and public spheres of art museums and galleries, architecture, photography, communication and historical archives. Combining in-house (David Chipperfield Architects, United
Designers, DJ Magazine) and freelance work (Will Alsop Architects, Studio Banana) with personal projects and research, he has exhibited and participated in artist residencies and workshops in Spain, UK, Athens, Tokyo, Holland, Paris, Beijing and New York. With interests in economics, linguistics and semiotics, institutional critique, and the politics of value and exclusion, he works mainly in art direction and editorial design and makes regular contributions to magazines and publications.

- Artist's Presentation / Talk: "Seeing and not Believing", Saturday 23rd April afternoon, @ 4 pm B113
A presentation of past and current selected projects to introduce the artist's work to the 3331 audience and to put his work in context with the events to come during the week. The presentation will focus on the development of the works and the influence of research carried out during the past 8-10 years instead of showcasing a mere selection of woks so as to explain relevance and continuity of the projects planned at 3331.
- Practice in Context 1: "Japanese Photobooks. Commemoration Vs. Memento", Sunday 24th April, @ 4 pm B113
Artist talk on his research about Japanese Photobooks and how these have influenced his practice and what is their specific input on the Japanese-based projects that the artist will undertake at 3331. The research for this project was carried out at the Asian Study Room, The British Museum, London between 2008-2009 with the institutional support of Youkobo Art space, Tokyo
- Practice in Context 2: "W. G. Sebald. Memories of Prose Fiction enabled by Photography", Thursday 28th April, @ 6:30 pm B113
Artist talk analysing the literary work of German author W.G. Sebald. The talk will concentrate on the influence of Sebald's books in the visual arts, the living legacy that they represent and the impact they have on the artist's works - the importance of text, his use with imagery and the creation of seemingly simplistic layouts to express conceptual propositions about memory, history and loss, both personal and social.
- Work in Progress Presentation / Open Studio Preview: "Mannikin, Dilettante.", Friday 29th April, @ 6:30pm B113
Through the exploration of historical imagery (from documentation/fieldwork photographs, newspaper clippings, adverts and mass-communication media to bespoke limited prints and original drawings), "Mannikin, Dilettante" elaborates a narrative focused on studying the origins, advancements and outcome of computing and social networks from a perspective of production, power endorsement, collective identity and studied behavior. An ongoing project constantly striving to catch up with ever newer versions, applications and forms of expression, its main goal is to generate social participation aware of its own influence and significance in history - seemingly devoted to living the day, but with strong roots in movements of the past and shaping the customs of the future.
- Work in Progress Presentation / Open Studio Preview: "L'Age d'Or: Buccaneers, Boxers, Belles, Balls and Baccarat", Sunday 1st May, @ 5pm B113
With a graphic identity based on the 1920s period and employing lifestyle images from historical archives, contemporary urban fashion, family books and personal documentation, "L'Age d'Or" starts as a research-based proposal to, at later stages in the process, evolve into a participatory and community/social driven initiative. By means of the combination of the crafts (copper stamps) and the new media (digital technologies, social networking), and the channelling of the project's output through a printed fanzine and a Vimeo video account online, "L'Age d'Or" focuses on developing and enriching in time - aiming at the growth of the works, but mainly at that of the key actors and participants. Workshops, open studio exhibitions, public screenings of research and archival catalogues, and impromptu styling performances and catwalks, will constitute the essence of the project in preference to a polished and finely packaged show of finished artworks.

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