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AKIBATAMABI21 - Pre Open Exhibition - A NEW NORMAL

May 1, 2010 / 


Date: 8 May (Saturday)- 6 June (Sunday)2010
Opening Hours: 11:00-19:00
Closed: Mondays
Venue: 3331 2F 201/202 Akibatamabi21
Admission: Free of Charge
Organized by: Tama Art University
Supported by: COLORWORKS

Akibatamabi21 is a space run by Tama Art University (also referred to as Tamabi) providing a platform for young artists to present their works. A space in which young artists can come together, share their vision and support each other. Through encounter with other people young artists have the opportunity to break out of one's shell, and undertake an engagement which does not rely on existing systems and authority but allows one to find independence through self-organization and production. Akibatamabi21 is a place of such discipline. This space is entrusted to young artists who pursue such a vision, a space of possibilities, a space which will witness the fruition of such potential.

New Normal can be interpreted as a way of thought which is not restricted by the existing way of thought. In 2005 a group of students at Tama Art University, Hachioji Campus took over the waste disposal area of the painting department and created an alternative art space "YARIBI". This was intended as a space for exchange between different departments and different universities, with an experimental structure and a driving concept of blending many different forms of creative expression. The result was that artists themselves were able to produce an exhibition space with independence and freedom. YARIBI still continues to this day.

This exhibition "A NEW NORMAL" brings together original members of Yaribi, who will take the core element of their artistic production and enact this in the exhibition space, taking on the challenge of Akibatamabi21.

● Opening Party
8 May (Saturday) 17:00−20:00 (free)
Chida Testuya, Poetry reading
TETTA performance "SHoot me!"
※Please bring a camera to join in!

● Symposium - Alternative Art Spaces
29 May (Saturday) 14:00-16:00 (free)
Artists+ Hori Hiroya (producer of Akibatamabi21 - Professor of Tama Art University)

● Workshop
Sanjūsangendō project - make the image of 1000 buddhas!
9, 6, 23, 30 May 13:00-17:00 (fee 500円)
Participants limited to 10 people in each session (reservation required)

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