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Asatte Asagao Project

May 30, 2010 / Event

The specially commissioned work "Asatte Asagao Project Chiyoda" by Katsuhiko Hibino has now begun its first stage. The seeds planted by local neighbourhood groups have already sprouted and on 7th June these will be planted and guide ropes will be strung from the 1st floor wood deck to the roof top. Furthermore, in an interesting experiment, astronaut Naoko Yamasaki has taken some of Hibino's seeds with her into space, and she has now just returned to Japan. What will such space seeds sprout? These seeds will also be planted on 7th June and we look forward to the blossoming of space flowers.

7th June 2010 09:45-11:00
2nd year pupils of the local Shouhei Elementary School will take the plants which have grown from the sewn seeds and bed them.

Rope Stringing
7th June 2010 13:00-15:00
Local groups will string 60 ropes from the deck to the rooftop after which they will join in discussion with the artist.

※Asatte Asagao Project aims to nurture a communication between people and communities through the cultivation of morning glory plants. This project was first initiated in 2003 in Azamihira, Tokamachi City, Nigata prefecture, in which 20 local communities began to raise morning glory plants, and this has now spread to 23 regions throughout the country.

Grand Opening - Press Release

May 30, 2010 / Press Release

We are pleased to issue the 3331 Grand Opening Press Release. Please download the pdf file for an introduction to the full services of 3331 Arts Chiyoda due to open on 26th June 2010 and information upon the accomanying exhibition "3331 presents Tokyo: Part1 ".
Download Here

WORKSHOP "Body Coordinating - Body Time"

May 22, 2010 / Event

1st June (Tuesday) 2010 19:00-21:00
Participation fee: 1st session trial - 1000¥ 3 months (6 sessions) course: 15,000¥
Membership: 5000¥ (As a member you may participate in all of Able Art's courses)
Venue: B111

Completely Relax. Slowly Sense.
A course designed to allow you realize the nature within you. Together we will fully face the body we hold at this very moment and attempt to find a balance between body and mind.

●Suitable for: Those who have sensed a certain tiredness of the body or mind, those who wish to find their comfortable body. Open to anyone who wishes to participate.

●Maximum number participants: 15 people

●Example of activities

Completely unwind your body.
Stretch the muscles of your neck and ankles one by one. Stretch in the opposite direction. Breath deeply.

Rocking the body
Find the melody from your infancy, rocking the body, reenter the womb.

A game of the body
A dance with only your fingers, moving across the floor on only your back, greeting with only your feet.

Undego transformation.
Become a tree swaying in the wind, a rock amongst the waves, change from a seed to a flower.

Unwind the body, play with the body. A space for dialogue with your body, at a gentle pace. Listening to the body and step by step come to a form of dance. Let's open the door to expression.

●Facilitator : Hanabi
Working for general companies for over 12 years finally Hanabi came to end the lifestyle of company worker. After studying performance and dance, Hanabi entered Tokyo Art University, specializing in aesthetics. 2002 debut solo performance. As of 2004 active as workshop facilitator allowing many different people to hear the voice of their body.

Please contact Able Art Japan with your name and contact details
Able Art Japan
101-0021 Tokyo Chiyoda-ku Sotokanda 6-11-14 #208
TEL. 03-5812-4622 FAX. 03-5812-4630

Yoshiaki Kaihatsu : Open Studio

May 19, 2010 / Event

Pilot Residence Program: Yoshiaki Kaihatsu

Open Studio Dates: 8 May (Saturday) - 25 June (Friday) 2010
Exhibition Dates: 26 June (Saturday) - 8 August (Sunday) 2010
Opening Hours: 10:00-21:00
Venue: 2F 203
※Throughout May the artist will not be present on a Friday. When the artist is not present you may view the open studio from the outside.
※Throughout the residence the artist will be holding a series of workshops and talk events.

During his 3 month residency period Kaihatsu will be making new work for Funabashi Anderson Children's Museum as well as creating new responses to the specific area of Akihabara. You are welcome to visit Kaithatsu's open studio and learn more about his activities.

Kaihatsu Sketch

Adult Workshop Series
Dates: 8th July (Thursday) Lecture / 15th July (Thursday) Presentation / 25th July (Sunday) Facilitate Children's workshop / 29th (Thursday) Review 19:00-20:00
Venue: Community Space 1
No. of Participants: 15
Suitable for: Parents and grandparents of children of elementary school age and younger.
Details: Investigating how to create workshops for children, which will then be realized on 25th July.

Kids's Workshop
Date: 19th July (Monday) 13:00-15:00
Venue: Community Space 1/Deck
Participation Fee: 500円(includes workshop materials)
Maximum no. of participants: 60 children (20 children per hour)
Suitable for Elementary school children and younger
Workshop details: "The octopus which doesn't fly" Creating models of things which can not normally fly, and by attaching them to balloons make them fly!

Kaihatsu Moving Image Screening and Talk
Date: 31st July (Saturday) 19:00-21:00 (tbc)
Talk Guests: Yoshiaki Kaihatsu Masato Nakamura
Venue: B1F Screening Room
Admission: 1000円(includes 1 drink)

"Girlfriend" mixed media:furniture.washing machine. plant

Grand Opening

May 19, 2010 / 

3331 Arts Chiyoda : GRAND OPENING

In addition to its gallery and office spaces opened in March, 3331 Arts Chiyoda will be launching its full range of facilities including a café, lounge and rooftop allotments as of 26th June 2010. Set in the corner of Akihabara, on the renovated site of the former Rensei Junior High School, this unique hub sets out to nurture a new approach to the arts while connecting different communities and cultures, providing a network between Tokyo, Japan's regions and East Asia, in the promotion of a vision which will continue to expand.

In celebration of its grand opening the exhibition "3331 Presents TOKYO: Part 1" will also be launched at this time. On 26th June 3331 will be holding its grand opening ceremony and party, along with a private view of the "3331 Presents TOKYO: Part 1" exhibition. We warmly welcome you to join us.


Grand Opening Day 26 June (Saturday) 2010
Private View - 10:30-12:00
A private introduction to the "3331 Presents TOKYO: Part 1" exhibition
Opening Ceremony - 11:20-11:50
3331 Arts Chiyoda director Masato Nakamura and members of Chiyoda Ward local government will offer their greetings.
Group Photo - 11:50-12:00
Bringing together 3331 associates, artists and audiences, we welcome you to take our group photo.
Opening Party - 18:00-21:00
Including talk event with introductions from exhibiting artists and tenant organizations.
As of 27th June a whole series of events will begin, running throughout the exhibition period.

With even more new contents 3331 is now
3331 is open to all to freely enter and explore its facilities.

Tenant Organization Space
In the former classroom spaces of 3331 creative practitioners, NPO's, amongst many different organizations, have established their base. Visitors to 3331 are welcome to drop into the various galleries and offices of these organizations. (Admission fee may be charged depending upon the events of each space).

Café Space
Foodlab is a café space providing food and beverage to visitors in a relaxed environment. In addition the kitchen will be opened to various food experts and provide a session space for those interested in cuisine, while distributing new information about food to the public.

Lounge Space
In this lounge space you can freely access 3331's documentation and archives while taking some time to relax.

Rooftop Allotments
On the rooftop 32 allotment spaces will be provided for local residents to enjoy together.
Online application for rental of these spaces will be open from 26th June.

KAERU station
3331 opens "Kaeru station" a host for the nation wide movement of Kaekko - in which children exchange their old toys with each other and use them in creative activities.

The Day After Tomorrow
The Day After Tomorrow Project is the work of Katsuhiko Hibino and is one of the specially commissioned projects for 3331. As a space of public participation 3331 also hopes that the flowers of morning glories will bloom here in 2010.

Residence Program
residence.jpgA residence program for creative practitioners and curators from all over the world. Providing accommodation, studio and gallery, this program offers support for artists wishing to carry out activity in Tokyo.
Pilot program: Yoshiaki Kaihatsu Residence
Please come and visit throughout the grand open exhibition.
Open Studio Dates: 8 May (Sunday) - 25 June (Friday) 2010
Exhibition Dates: 26 June (Saturday) - 8 August (Sunday) 2010
Opening Hours: 10:00-21:00
Venue: 2F 203

※Throughout May the artist will not be present on a Friday. When the artist is not present you may view the open studio from the outside.
※Throughout the residence the artist will be holding a series of workshops and talk events.

Insideout/Tokyo Project and Asia Archive

From the 47 prefectures of Japan to the many regions of Asia, 3331 is establishing an archive space gathering a whole range of resources documenting the art activities of these various different localities. Furthermore this space will have a multi-purpose function accommodating exhibitions and other events.

Membership Club

As of the grand opening on 26th June 3331 will be launching a membership club. Members will receive various privileges including discounted tickets for 3331 exhibitions.


3331's schooling program will offer the opportunity for interdisciplinary practice based learning. The professional course will be lectures and practical work centered around the realization of a series of exhibitions.

Grand Opening Celebration Exhibition
"3331 Presents TOKYO: Part 1"
26 June (Saturday) - 25 July (Sunday) 2010

We wish the new expressions which 3331 gives rise to will, while undergoing daily change, continue to realize a "new culture" of Tokyo through its network of people and communities.
"3331 Presents TOKYO: Part1" portrays the multitude of expressions which Tokyo gives life to as selected by the creative individuals/organizations based at 3331.

  • The resolution of the local, which characterizes Tokyo, is in turn the resolution of the global.
    (g³/ gallery Shigeo Goto)

  • "Infinite Possibility" is the symbol of Tokyo and it is this which forces us into earnest wandering.
    (Nana Kuromiya)

  • 3331 is a place for arts, not art. But what is the nature of this plurality? Where is the intersection of art and design? What does it mean to carry out activity in Tokyo? These questions are all interrelated I feel.
    (ASYL Naoki Sato)

  • If I say I come from Japan or if I say I come from Tokyo, there is a very different connotation.
    (Toru Kuwakubo)

  • When I think about it I have lived a long time in Tokyo. Liking the city and hating the city -emotions repeated day by day, but maybe really liking the city is like this. (Hideki Inaba)

Part1 26 June (Saturday) - 25 July (Sunday) 2010
From 2-d works to video to installation, this exhibition presents the diverse expressions of diverse artists.
Opening Hours:Sunday-Thursday 12:00-19:00 Friday/Saturday 12:00-20:00
Closed on:Monday  ※Please note that when national holidays fall on a Monday the exhibition will be open and will close instead on the next Tuesday.
Venue:3331 Arts Chiyoda 1F Gallery
Admission: 800円、Student 500円 
※Those of junior high school age and below may enter free of charge.
※ Admission is free of charge for those with disabilities and 1 attendant.

Opening Party : June 26, 2010, 18:00-21:00
Venue: 1F Community Space 1

Organizer: 3331 Arts Chiyoda

Part 2 7 August (Saturday) - 29 August (Sunday) 2010
This exhibition brings together groups promoting a shared borderless horizon, student networks, regional cultural resources, environmental engagement and alternative media, offering a focus upon social action.

Introducing 18 Artists

Yuka Ohtani, Toru Kuwakubo, Ryosuke Hara, Hajime Mizutani
Established by Tama Arts University, the alternative space "AKIBATAMABI 21" presents 4 young artists working in 2D.
Yuka Ohtani
Painting, 2009
Courtesy of I.C.Arts

Naoki Sato, Daijiro Ohara
ASYL, led by art director Naoki Sato presents a special typographic work in collaboration with designer, Daijiro Ohara.
Daijiro Ohara
Typography, 2009
Courtesy of the Artist

Tanikado Arts
Sachiyo Tsurumi, Kohei Yamashita, Nana Kuromiya
The contemporary art gallery specializing in the promotion of young artists "Tanikado Arts" presents the works of 3 artists of the same generation who reflect upon the materials of the every day.
Kohei Yamashita "Anseilen(cairn)"
Installation, 2010
Courtesy of Tanikado Arts

g³/ gallery
Norihito Ogata, Taisuke Koyama, Hideki Nakajima, Miyuki Mitsui
Led by creative director Shigeo Goto "g³/ gallery" presents 4 young artists who take "foreign matter", "transmission" and "transformation" as their image.
extrodinary.jpg Norihito Ogata "Extraordinary Machine#5"
Photography print, 2010
Couretsy of G/P gallery

Bambinart Gallery
Yu Kimachi Risa Kohno
"Bambinart Gallery", specializing in the work of young artists, presents unique 2d works which express the both the city's surface layers and its hidden depths.
Risa Kohno
Painting, 2009
Courtesy of the Artist & Bambinart Gallery

+81 Gallery+Lab
Hideki Inaba
+81Gallery+Lab, supporting both domestic and international artists, presents the refinement of Tokyo in the work of Hideki Inaba.
Hideki Inaba "Printer"
Installation, 2010
Courtesy of the Artist

Gabin Ito
"BOCTOK", led by the multifariously active Gabin Ito, presents the work of Ito himself, using the game latest technology in the proposal of a new form of sports.
Gabin Ito "Zero Gravity Sports"
Installation, 2001
Courtesy of the Artist

Tomomi Ohzone
Led by 3331 director Masato Nakamura, "command N" presents the communication art of Tomomi Ohzone.
Tomomi Ohzone "Waifu san"
Installation, 2010
Courtesy of the Artist

Emerging Artists 2010

May 15, 2010 / Exhibition

Emerging Artists 2010
Date: 8 May - 22 May 2010
Opening Hours: 11:00-19:00
Closed on: Sundays & Mondays
Admission: Free of Charge
Venue: B107 Bambinart Gallery

This exhibition presents the work of a group of students who graduated in March 2010: Chiaki Iida、Ayano Higayaki, Sakura Fukushima and Seisuke Momono.


"ghost" - Taro Komiya - g³/ gallery

May 15, 2010 / Exhibition

"ghost" - Taro Komiya Solo Exhibition
Date: 20 April (Tuesday) - 20 May (Thursday) 2010
Opening Hours: 11:00-18:00
※Sunday/Monday by appointment only
Venue: 3F 303 g³/ gallery
Admission: Free of charge
Artist: Taro Komiya
Organized by: g³/(triple g)

g³/ is pleased to present the solo exhibition of Taro Komiya, entitled "ghost". In his works Komiya, who is currently undertaking doctoral studies at Kyoto University of Art and Design, investigates the "self and other", "material and immaterial", "Japan and the world", "past, present, future", taking the existing phenomenon which we ignore in daily life as a metaphor, and reconstructing these chain like networked relations. The work presents a query and instigates a query in the viewer upon encountering the work - Komiya's work is simultaneously a place from which many questions are projected and a place in which these questions come together. Komiya is also exhibiting as part of Art Award Tokyo Marunouchi 2010 and this solo exhibition offers the opportunity to appreciate the work of this young artist whose contribution to the art scene is greatly anticipated.

1|《portrait》 mixed media 2009

2|《portrait》 installation view 2009

Takenobu Yanagita Exhibition : Gallery Talk + Live Art Event + Maruworks Lecture

May 15, 2010 / 

Takenobu Yanagita Exhibition
Gallery Talk + Live Art Event + Maruworks Lecture
16 May 2010
1000円 (includes tea and Maruworks art product )
Venue: Basement B111 Able Art Studio
Artist: Takenobu Yanagita
Admission limited to 40 people

Yanagita Takenobu.jpg

In an associated event of A/A gallery's exhibition of Takenobu Yanagita 's work the artist himself will be holding a gallery talk along with staff members of Maruworks, a support centre based in Fukuoka, who will present about forms of arts management which brings artists and society together.
(presentations will be in Japanese only)

Please contact Able Art Japan with your name and contact details

Kaihatsu is here! Yoshiaki Kaihatsu Open Studio Program

May 15, 2010 / 

Welcome Party
16 May 2010
Admission: 500円 (includes 1 drink)
Venue: 203


LOW/TEC performance
LOW/TEC is a collaboration between Toshiaki Takayasu (music) and Yoshiaki Kaihatsu (performance) who through various approaches use everyday materials and sound sources to create live performances which centre around enjoying sound. We invite you to come to the open studio space and enjoy this welcome party together with the artists.

Please send an email with the following details to
〈Title〉 開発くんがきた! ウェルカムパーティー予約 (Kaihatsu is here! Welcome Party Reservation)
〈Main Text〉 1.Name 2.Number of people attending 3.Telephone number

Open plate gathering@3331 Arts Chiyoda

May 15, 2010 / 

Open plate gathering@3331 Arts Chiyoda
"Green Picnic"
16 May 2010
13:00~till nightfall
1500円 (reservation required)
Venue: 1F Wood Deck


One plate gathering is a community food event which offers the opportunity for many different people to come together and have fun over good food and drink. The theme of this event is the new green of May and the chance to enjoy the food produce of the season in this "Green Picnic". This picnic of sandwich baguettes and participatory "green" events is organized by members of the g³ "Super School" course "Food and Editing".

Please send your name, number of people who wish to attend to the below address.
Deadline is 15th May.

3331 Artist and Curator Residence

May 6, 2010 / Introduction

3331 Arts Chiyoda is launching a new residency program open to artists, curators and creative practitioners internationally. With a full range of facilities including accommodation, studio and gallery, creative practitioners have the exceptional opportunity to extend their artistic engagement in the heart of Tokyo. Not only will artists be able to pursue their own individual research and practice, but they will be connected to the extensive network of Tokyo's art scene through the hub that is 3331. With the energy of the electronics and anime haven of Akihabara right at one's doorstep and the traditional cultures of downtown but a stone's throw away artists will be able to experience all aspects of this kaleidoscopic city from this convenient base. Artists are not only able to spend time in Tokyo, but are able to create work onsite and then finally exhibit what they have developed during their stay, in the distinct setting of 3331 Arts Chiyoda.

We are pleased to be able to offer these facilities to artists who can contribute to the diverse creative expressions of this cosmopolitan metropolis and engage its inhabitants in new ways.

We particularly encourage applications from galleries, museums, universities, arts organizations and funding bodies who are able to recommend and support a number of artists to join this program. We also welcome approaches from artists who are able to secure their own sources of funding. We recommend that artists consider applying in groups of 2-5 in order to reduce the financial responsibility of the individual. Please note that 3331 is unable to offer financial support to artists in residence in this program.

The facilities are ideal to be shared between a group of 3 artists, and can accommodate a maximum of 5 artists if so required. The overall fee for accommodation and other facilities is set and is not affected by the number of people in residence.

We are now calling for applications for this residence program.
In order to apply for this program please download the following application form and send it with the relevant supporting material (outlined in this form) to
There are two dealines for applications.
For those wishing to use the residency facilities between November2010-January 2011 please apply by 18th August 2010.
For those wishing to use the residency facilities between February-June 2011 please apply by 19th November 2010.

Application Form (word file)
Application Form (pdf file)

If you have any queries please contact Emma Ota at +81(0)3-6803-2441



Residence Accommodation
Shared accommodation recommended for 3 artists, with a maximum capacity of 5 artists.
Just 2 minutes walk from 3331 Arts Chiyoda - 4 minutes from Ginza line Suehirocho station.
Communal Facilities (shared between the artists) - Kitchen, Bathroom, Toilet, Television, DVD player, internet
Bedrooms - 2 bedrooms with bed, desk and closet
1 open space - with 1 bed and desk (please note this space is open to the kitchen)
* provision can also be made for 2 more persons using futon and sharing space with other occupants

Dedicated studio space for all resident artists to use for their artistic production. 33㎡ - internet access, electricity, water.


Ample gallery space suitable for exhibitions and events, based on the 2nd floor of 3331 amongst the many galleries and creative organizations based at the centre. 66㎡- wooden flooring, spot lighting, internet access.


A dedicated assistant may also be arranged to help the artists in the arrangements necessary for their artistic production and realization of final presentation. The assistant will also be able to further introduce the artists not only to the sights and everyday life of Tokyo but also to the many creative practitioners in the city, furthering their penetration of the art scene network.

Program Fee - to be paid by the applicant

1 month:
Residence & Studio =280,000JPY
Further Options
・Coordinator : 200,000JPY (5 days/week) /1 month
・GALLERY : 100,000JPY (66㎡ /205) /1 week
・Event Space : 40,000JPY (100㎡) /1 day

Residency Period
The residency facilities are currently available between July-December 2010 and January-June 2011. The minimum residency period is 1 month (and is possible to extend). Please indicate which month you wish to partake in the residency on the application form. Specific dates may be negotiated at a later stage.

Insideout/Tokyo Project

May 4, 2010 / Introduction


Increasingly in our globalized era, the megalopolis has taken over from the nation, a dense concentration of power, wealth, technology, labour and culture. But as the mega-cities rise they eclipse the diverse environments of the wider region. When the mega-city is a cultural, economic, social melting-pot then we can forget to look beyond this particular representation. Japan and its megalopolis of Tokyo very much demonstrate this notion, with 30% of the population concentrated in the Tokyo district. Arguments of global vs local have raged and tired over the decades, but now many have come to view these supposedly polar opposites as fundamentally part of each other. As cultural analysts, such as Arjun Appadurai, have demonstrated the global and the local can not exist in separation.

Insideout/Tokyo follows this line of thought in attempting to subvert the hierarchy between Tokyo and other local regions of Japan. It aims to shine a torch on the thriving arts scene of these regional cities and raise awareness of unique projects which have a distinctive local flavour, reflecting the individual characteristics of the area through strong community collaboration.

Insideout/Tokyo Project is a project designed to create links between Tokyo and other provinces of Japan. Aiming to reverse the principle of Tokyo-centrism of Japan, the project attempts to create a level relationship between the communities both inside and outside of the capital, building a new form of civil participation while nurturing artistic and cultural awareness. This is a long term network which aims to offer support between the various groups and communities facilitating such projects and hopes to encourage new collaborations and original developments.

The project launched at 3331 Arts Chiyoda in conjunction with the centre's pre-open events, presenting an exhibition of unique art projects from 9 regions around the country which encourage a new engagement towards society, not only introducing their activities but revealing the basic concrete methodology behind these. Accompanying this exhibition was a three day event which brought together artists, organizers and local participants for presentations, discussion, live performances and a chance to sample the original foods of each region.

The members of the network are now engaged in regular meetings sharing their skills and experiences and working towards new forms of cooperation. One of the activities which they will be working towards will be to build an archive at 3331 Arts Chiyoda which will provide an overview of the various creative engagements being held in the different regions of Japan, providing a valuable resource which will be open to the public and provide the opportunity to access materials and documentation relating to regional practices, conveniently collated all in one place.

Introduction to some of the projects participating in Insideout/Tokyo:

SapporoII Project - Sapporo, Hokkaido
Creating an art network between public facilities in Sapporo city during the winter months, SapporoII Project aims to transform the heavy chore of snow clearing into a new form of snow festival for local communities. With its root in creative collaboration, this is an engagement which can diffuse widely through the activities of local citizens, through forming a network between organizations, institutions and local administration. The festival is designed to create a new awareness in local people towards their surroundings, allowing them to appreciate the beauty in winter life which can activate new cultural production. It aims to transform what is seen as a problem of snow into a perspective which values it as a resource, an engagement which is very much relevant in our current environmental condition.

Himming - Himi, Toyama
corage1最終.jpgHimming is an art project targeted at researching the unique appeal of the local area of Himi, Toyoma and encouraging new creative engagements within this context. Through project series it is attempted to rediscover what is important to Himi and how to build its future. Tokyo Himming is founded on such an engagement and aims to create a new relation between people in the capital and the provinces. This will become an important place for people in the city.

Birdo Flugas - Shiogama, Miyagi
birdoflugas最終.jpgThis is an art project based around the "Birdo Space" of Shiogama, Miyagi. The project facilitates workshops and events, in addition to exhibitions of both domestic and international artists. It is not concerned with chasing the cutting-edge, but aims to highlight unique artists and art scenes giving rise to a rich exchange. Linking North America and Japan, introducing artists to each other, is just one example of their borderless approach to the arts.

Kukan Jikken Shitsu - Aomori City, Aomori

aomori.jpgBased in a two storey building filled with memories of the neighbourhood, this project provides a free space with gallery and café facilities. This open space offers the opportunity for dialogue and exchange between many different people, creating a shared experience between communities, residents and proprietors of the local shopping district through workshops, exhibitions and various events.

Hisho Arts - Maniwa, Okayama
Hisho Arts was initiated in 2005, based on the site of a Soy Sauce Warehouse, which has over a 100 year old history, and has brought the residents together in unity as a cultural facility for the community. The name Hisho brings with it the meaning of brewing and nurturing culture.

Yu no Sato Hijiori - Hijiori, Yamagata
ひじおり最終.jpgIn a caldera valley in Yamagata there is a steaming hot spring, there is a small village and there is a school. In March 2009 the 134 year history of this school came to the end as the school faced its closure. "Yu no Sato Hijiori" is a documentary film depicting the final year of this school capturing the thoughts and feelings of the children, teachers and former pupils, their memories and attachments to a place which has played such an important role in the community and which has played a pivotal part in its culture. While depicting the closing scene of this local icon, it reveals a new landscape in the relations between the local people who live there.

ZERODATE - Odate, Akita
秋田最終.jpgZERODATE is an art project formed spontaneously by artists and local residents from Akita in order to rediscover the appeal of the local area and build its cultural and community strength. Through engaging in creative activity, which overcomes generation and genre, it aims to share the imagination of "Odate".

Kitamin Lab - Kitamoto, Saitama
北本asagao最終.jpgKitamin Lab was initiated as part of the Kitamoto Arts Camp, held in August 2008. It aims to act as a vitamin for the local area, encouraging a new culture, creating a space to develop creativity and to nurture the relation between art and community. Reinvigorating Kitamoto and facilitating arts activities which engage local communities.

Konya2023 - Fukuoka City, Fukuoka
紺屋1最終.jpgKonya2023 is facilitated by TRAVEL FRONT and is concerned with revitalizing a disused building in the local area. In the centre of Fukuoka this 45 year old building with 17 rooms provides the communal space for many different activities, generations, nationalities and objectives. Through the compounding and dissociation of these elements, the layering of thought and action, a new value and culture is being constructed. The multi-purpose building includes a gallery, residence space and café, while hosting creative organizations engaged in art, education, design, photography, architecture, fashion and dance.

A/A gallery Inaugural Exhibition : Yanagita Takenobu

May 4, 2010 / Introduction

Date: 13 April (Tuesday)- 23 May (Sunday) 2010
Opening Hours: 11:00-19:00
Admission: Free of charge
Venue: 2F 208

A first in Japan! A commercial gallery supporting the work of artists with disabilities, led by Able Art Japan. A/A gallery will over the following year present a series of exhibitions of 8 different artists, each for a period of 6 weeks. The first exhibition in this series features the work of Yanagita Takenobu.

バスキア 2008

The lines which Yanagita Takenobu draws are full of warmth. His portraits are truly living creations. When you look upon these works you are embraced by them and given a feeling of comfort, soothing one's heart.
Takahashi Naohiro - Setagaya Art Museum Curator

YANAGITA, Takenobu
Profile : Born 1980. Lives and works in Fukuoka city. Has been a member of Maruworks since 1999.

A/A gallery
This new gallery which opened in April 2010 is the first of its kind, a commercial gallery promoting the work of artists with disabilities, taking on the role as mediator between artists, art work and society.

The organization behind the gallery "Able Art Japan" is an NPO established since 1994, with the purpose of creating a new value in society through the engagement of art and disability. For nearly 16 years the organization was based in the Polepoleza building opposite Higashinakano station. But now in being given the chance to move to 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Able Art Japan takes this opportunity to extend its activities even further in establishing a gallery, shop and artist studio.

KOSEI SASAKI Exhibition - Review

May 1, 2010 / Review

23rd April saw the opening of 3331 Arts Chiyoda's latest exhibition, an impressive solo show by one of Japan's pioneers of the avant-garde, Kosei Sasaki, presenting his work for the first time in 40 years. Friends, colleagues, patrons and members of the art scene gathered to celebrate this occasion, with the artist in person.

©Ujin Matsuo

At the age of 82, holding this exhibition marks a new stage in his life the artist commented. For decades after returning to Japan after over 20 years in America and Europe, Sasaki isolated himself from the art world and art discourse, he became, he says, a wanderer in the world, drifting and experiencing the things around him.

His era was one of madness and hardship, growing up during the war and facing the following devastation. But now there is a very new era, the artist comments, one of diversity and potential, reflected by the many different people gathered for this opening - people who do not know this era, people who have grown up with new technology and who have experienced many different aspects of the world. Sasaki particularly thanked 3331 for providing such a unique stage for the setting of this exhibition, their vision also contributing towards a new era, creating a new value to be transmitted to many people.


But what is the value which Sasaki wishes to transmit? Sasaki believes the important questions are what are people doing in the world? How should we live? What should we do? Through such questions art, learning, thinking becomes central to life. "We need to have strength to face the world, to face these questions, and even though I may be old, I am taking up this challenge" he told the gathered audience.

Sasaki claims that the era of the artist presenting his creativity as art has finished. As an artist, but more importantly as a human being, one must consider what is it you want to do, what is important, what is it you want to say, this is what matters now, and this is what he attempts to do in his work.

This way of thinking has emerged from his time as a "wanderer" as he puts it, in which he engaged everyday in a conversation with himself, with the mountains, with the sun, what kind of existence is there between human beings and the things around them became of paramount questioning to him. What can I do? What do I want to do? What is best to do? These are the questions which have occupied him, not notions of what is art.
After being diagnosed with cancer of the stomach 10 years ago, Sasaki tells of how he had to face his own death and realized that there was still something he wanted to do, still something he wanted to share with other people through art and began to take up painting again.


    The exhibition certainly lives up to its name "Total Affirmation : Ok. Perfect. Yes", one is bombarded with colour, boldness and sheer scale of 50 works. There is no timidity here, no uncertainty, there is complete acceptance. The series of paintings created over a 10 year period project a confidence and optimism which is difficult not to be touched by. The energy of organic abstract forms, with planes of pure colour creates a life of its own, becoming living organisms dancing under the microscope. Reminiscent in some ways of Keith Herring and Victor Pasmore they bring together playfulness and reflection simultaneously.

The 43 minute documentary presented as part of this exhibition records Sasaki's process of painting accompanied by a detailed interview. The small frail frame of Sasaki, teetering on the edge of a plastic paint splattered stool reaching out to the canvas, is in strong contrast with the large bold works he creates before him. "I am not doing anything difficult, I am just doing what I want to do" he says in his self-built studio surrounded by the mountains of the Gunma countryside. He describes how he has been constantly fraught with this very question "What is it that I want to do?" and the pursuit of this question has led him to engage in all manner of activities in many places around the world. Growing up in the countryside as a child he had no exposure to art, and was not even particularly interested in painting but was of a more philosophical leaning. But he realized he could express something through art and came to pursue this in the cutting edge of avant-garde movements of the 1960's. A movement which can be glimpsed in this exhibition through the series of scrap books and paper cuttings collected by Sasaki. Yet still he comments that he does not relate to art as an artist, for him it is just what he has to do, art is created by the people who view it and appreciate it.

street.jpg1970's New York

Sasaki exudes a determination a concrete force which drives him in his work, yet at the same time has a distinctive openness to the world. He may also take the position of the flaneur as demonstrated in the series of film taken by Sasaki between 1971-1974 on the streets of the New York neighbourhood where he lived. Grainy images of warped colour accompanied by 70's rock flicker, stammer and jump from one perspective to the next, weaving through pedestrians, strolling through the park, driving through the streets of downtown Manhattan - bright lights, laden shop fronts, piles of trash, abandoned cars, colourful characters, it is all there, capturing Sasaki's spirit as a wanderer, observing the world around him and accepting every part of it.

This is certainly an exhibition to uplift and revive a positivity towards the world. But it also inspires a question in us, a challenge, what is it that you want to do?

AKIBATAMABI21 - Pre Open Exhibition - A NEW NORMAL

May 1, 2010 / 


Date: 8 May (Saturday)- 6 June (Sunday)2010
Opening Hours: 11:00-19:00
Closed: Mondays
Venue: 3331 2F 201/202 Akibatamabi21
Admission: Free of Charge
Organized by: Tama Art University
Supported by: COLORWORKS

Akibatamabi21 is a space run by Tama Art University (also referred to as Tamabi) providing a platform for young artists to present their works. A space in which young artists can come together, share their vision and support each other. Through encounter with other people young artists have the opportunity to break out of one's shell, and undertake an engagement which does not rely on existing systems and authority but allows one to find independence through self-organization and production. Akibatamabi21 is a place of such discipline. This space is entrusted to young artists who pursue such a vision, a space of possibilities, a space which will witness the fruition of such potential.

New Normal can be interpreted as a way of thought which is not restricted by the existing way of thought. In 2005 a group of students at Tama Art University, Hachioji Campus took over the waste disposal area of the painting department and created an alternative art space "YARIBI". This was intended as a space for exchange between different departments and different universities, with an experimental structure and a driving concept of blending many different forms of creative expression. The result was that artists themselves were able to produce an exhibition space with independence and freedom. YARIBI still continues to this day.

This exhibition "A NEW NORMAL" brings together original members of Yaribi, who will take the core element of their artistic production and enact this in the exhibition space, taking on the challenge of Akibatamabi21.

● Opening Party
8 May (Saturday) 17:00−20:00 (free)
Chida Testuya, Poetry reading
TETTA performance "SHoot me!"
※Please bring a camera to join in!

● Symposium - Alternative Art Spaces
29 May (Saturday) 14:00-16:00 (free)
Artists+ Hori Hiroya (producer of Akibatamabi21 - Professor of Tama Art University)

● Workshop
Sanjūsangendō project - make the image of 1000 buddhas!
9, 6, 23, 30 May 13:00-17:00 (fee 500円)
Participants limited to 10 people in each session (reservation required)

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