OPEN CALL for Participants + Invitation to Observe Performance "A.W.#3" Held on October 19 at AIR 3331 Iwamotocho Studio!!!

September 18, 2019 / Event

OPEN CALL for Participants + Invitation to Observe Performance "A.W.#3" Held on October 19 at AIR 3331 Iwamotocho Studio!!!

(Photo: Documentation of performance completed in Germany ©Michel Done)

"Dear Audience,
You are invited to participate in the performance 'Artificial Walk #3'. Eight people can take part. We will walk slowly in a line in the Kanda area of Chiyoda City. You get a blue tarpaulin that you wear as a mantle, and you can keep it after."
- Marie Julia Bollansée (Artist)

Marie Julia Bollansée, based in Antwerp, Belgium, and participating as artist in residence at AIR 3331, will hold her performance "A.W.#3, Artificial Walk #3" for the very first time in Tokyo on October 19 (Sat), 2019. She invites the audience to participate.
For this ephemeral performance, she creates a dress in indigo colored sheep wool, which is knit by her mother. She asks for eight people to walk with her. A blue tarpaulin functions as an artificial extension around the body. By walking together, the performers generate A.S., Artificial Spirituality (rather than Artificial Intelligence, or A.I.)
Bollansée invites volunteers to take this chance to become part of the performances of "Artificial Walks" held throughout the world. In the past, "A.W.#1" was held in Belgium, and "A.W.#2" in Germany.

*October 19 (Sat), 2019 at AIR 3331 Iwamotocho Studio (start and end point)
(Address: 3-6-8 Iwamotocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0032)
*14:00: Artist talk by Marie Julia Bollansée, everybody is welcome!
*14:30: Start of performance, "Artificial Walk #3"
Eight members of the audience wear a blue tarpaulin mantle and form a line. They follow the artist who walks ahead and sets the rhythm (members may only leave the line for unavoidable situations).
*After the walk, the line arrives back at the AIR 3331 Iwamotocho Studio. You can keep your blue tarpaulin, which the artist has numbered and signed. You achieve a unique edition of art!

Artist website:

[What is AIR 3331?]
AIR 3331 Open Call welcomes creatives from diverse backgrounds to research, produce and exhibit at 3331 Arts Chiyoda―injecting an international perspective right into the heart of Tokyo's art scene. For application information, please visit:

Overseas Artists Bring New Perspectives to the 3331 ART FAIR 2019

June 28, 2019 / Open Residence / AIR3331

_DSC6628*.jpg IMG_4517.JPG
Held every year by 3331, the 3331 ART FAIR aims at bringing the market and community together, transforming the entire art center from basement to rooftop into an art fair. This year, the 3331 ART FAIR 2019 set its sights even higher towards rising to an international level. To boost its global presence, this year's art fair collaborated with AIR 3331 in featuring 2019 resident artist Era Vati and 2018 resident Chunghsuan Lan, in addition to 3331 recommended Taiwanese photographer AINWOODS, and two specially selected Canadian artists - Eunice Luk and Patrick Cruz.
IMG_5132.JPG IMG_5136.JPG
As part of the art fair, Era Vati, an Austrian artist based in Holland, exhibited her past works and new works completed during her residency (period: 2019.01.24-2019.03.20) in the AIR 3331 Soto-Kanda Studio. As a multi-media artist often working with film, her works ranged from abstract sketches, poetry, artificial plants used in her actual film sets, as well as her symbolic and surreal film pieces.

IMG_1239.jpg IMG_4205.JPG
Moving to the 1F Main Gallery, annually one of the focal points of the art fair, this space is a display of artworks hand-selected by curators from inside and outside of Japan, even by 3331 staff members themselves. The 2019 venue included Taiwanese artist, Lan Chunghsuan, a former resident of AIR 3331 (period: 2018.01.05-2018.03.29). Lan presented two pieces from his photograph series, "Lockdown Universe", a body of work reflecting his everlasting childhood memory that affects his worldview today.

24173505_1578483652195154_5219736276819502585_o.jpeg IMG_4217.JPG
Also recommended by 3331, the Taiwanese photographer AINWOODS participated in the art fair after debuting in UNKNOWN ASIA 2018. In his photography, bright-colored models appear in mid-dance poses as an expression of love with no boundaries.

IMG_3897.JPG IMG_3764.JPG
Also featured in the 1F Main Gallery were two Canadian artists - Eunice Luk and Patrick Cruz - selected by Makiko Hara, an independent curator based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Eunice had completed a residency at Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park and was basing herself in Tokyo during the time of the fair. In her space, she chose to present sculptures created during her residency whose soft colors and particular shapes evoke her sense of the nature and style of ceramics unique to Shigaraki. For Patrick, this was both the first time to exhibit in an art fair and in the Tokyo art scene. Compared to his often vast rooms filled entirely up to the ceiling with rough brushstrokes and abstract symbols, for the fair Patrick worked on a much smaller scale. However, his intensely colored paintings whose bold brushstrokes imitate children's artwork were brimming with energy from the wall.

IMG_4516.JPG IMG_4506.JPG
During the fair period, an artist talk was organized between - Masakatsu Kondo (London-based Japanese artist), Lan Chunghsuan, Eunice Luk, Patrick Cruz, and AINWOODS - for a closer look at how artists develop their practices across seas. As the first talk held by international artists in the course of the 3331 ART FAIR, the event shared fresh new voices with the Tokyo audience.

The 3331 ART FAIR 2019 not only led to the display and sales of a wide range of fresh and edgy artworks, but resulted in real exchanges between artists, collectors, curators, and audiences - this year reaching further beyond national borders.
Bring your project to life at 3331!
AIR 3331 OPEN CALL is currently accepting applications for residencies between September 2, 2019 - May 31, 2020.
Apply here by August 5, 2019 >>>

AIR 3331 Artist Spotlight: Chan Chung Yin, Connie & Wan Sheung Wah, Elly

June 6, 2019 / Open Residence / AIR3331

Currently accepting applications for its open call, what kind of projects can artists bring to Tokyo through AIR 3331? Let's take a closer look into the projects of past AIR 3331 participants, Chan Chung Yin, Connie & Wan Sheung Wah, Elly (Residency period: 2018.11.01-2019.01.09).
To begin their 10-week residency, Connie & Elly immediately dove right into the Chiyoda City neighborhoods, mapping out districts by foot, while interviewing and joining local citizens in community activities. These results first took the form of a workshop held inside the AIR 3331 Soto-Kanda Studio that invited the public to create a map of Chiyoda City.
At the same time, Connie & Elly brought their ongoing international "White Envelope Project" to Tokyo using envelopes passed on from London and Hong Kong. How would Tokyo residents respond creatively to messages delivered across the globe? Connie & Elly displayed these contents to us as a final exhibition in the Soto-Kanda Studio, while encouraging visitors to continue the chain of response letters.
Alongside the "White Envelope Project", Connie & Elly displayed all of their research finds and responses from Chiyoda City locals as part of their final exhibition. One of the interviewees, a Jimbocho Old Book Town enthusiast, even came to stop by!
Connie & Elly also become a valuable part of the AIR 3331 community of artists joining us in December 2018, including Yongwon Kim, Move Arts Japan's Anna McMahon and Yuyen Lin-Woywod, and Shinya Ishida, a resident artist collaborating with 3331's toy exchange project "Kaekko".
Now that Connie & Elly are back in their respective bases of London and Hong Kong, they are in the process of making a book that collects the results of these projects. Stay tuned for updates of their final piece!

Follow in Connie & Elly's footsteps and bring your project to the heart of Tokyo!
AIR 3331 OPEN CALL is currently accepting applications for residencies between September 2, 2019 - May 31, 2020.
Apply here by June 5, 2019 >>>

[AIR 3331 OPEN CALL] Accepting Applications for New Facility Programs between May 3 - August 5, 2019!!

April 22, 2019 / Open Call

[AIR 3331 OPEN CALL] Accepting Applications for New Facility Programs between May 3 - August 5, 2019!!
April 22, 2019 / AIR 3331 Team
スクリーンショット 2019-04-22 12.46.55.png It's that time again to apply for 3331 Arts Chiyoda's artist in residence program - "AIR 3331 OPEN CALL"! Plus, we have moved to our newly renovated Iwamotocho Residence & Studio facility located just steps behind the electronics and sub-culture district of Akihabara!! We offer a program that invites creators of all disciplines to openly undertake a project of their own at the cross section of Tokyo's Edo roots and its cutting-edge. Bring your ideas to the communities of 3331 Arts Chiyoda and greater Tokyo by sending us your application! (Apply: May 3 - July 5, 2019)

スクリーンショット 2019-04-22 13.08.15.png

When creators arrive at 3331, our art center based in the repurposed former Rensei Junior High School, they are met with four floors comprised of community spaces, large-scale galleries, independent art galleries and creative companies, and a vast rooftop open to the sky. Look closely and you will find unique artworks and remnants of the former school on every floor!

スクリーンショット 2019-04-24 16.07.47.png

Then take a 20-minute stroll through the energy-filled streets of Akihabara to the newly relocated AIR 3331 Iwamotocho Residence & Studio. Immediately, you will come across large glass doors leading into the 1F shared studio. Participants from across the world can work and exchange thoughts on a daily basis in the bright and open space, often leading to collaborated open studios and group shows. For creators looking for pure focus, our program also offers the choice of a private studio located inside 3331 or in the Iwamotocho Residence 3F.

スクリーンショット 2019-04-24 16.08.00.png

The Iwamotocho Residence is also perfect for relaxing after a day of research and production. Enter the fifth-floor common space and find a kitchen fully equipped with a dishwasher, convection oven, and other cooking devices, making cooking and dining with other creators a fun activity. Participants may even stretch out on the extra-large sofa or warm up in the heated "kotatsu" table for comfort throughout the seasons.

With participants bringing their projects to the network of 3331 and the larger art scene of Tokyo, the AIR 3331 coordinators are here to help make creative goals a reality. From facility check-in to check-out, consultation on research to planning your proposed event, we are eager to offer you our support*. We look forward to your project becoming part of the rest of 3331 and Tokyo, offering us exciting opportunities to connect people, places, and ideas!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Residency Period: September 2, 2019 to May 31, 2020
Residency Length:
Short-term - 1 month (28 days)
Long-term - 2 or 3 months**

*Details available on website starting May 3, 2019

- - - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
Application period: May 3 - August 5, 2019
Notification of acceptance: Mid August, 2019 (Notification date may change based on applicant numbers)
Please submit the materials below to [residence(at)] by the deadline.
Materials (up to 2MB)
(1) Application form (download available on May 3)
(2) Recent CV
(3) Portfolio (at least 5 images, video, audio, essay or web links as relevant)
(4) Supporting materials to describe your residency project, as applicable (example: sample schedules, images/videos, web links, etc.)
Note: Applicants must be able to cover the costs of the program fee, travel, production costs and living expenses.
*Details available on website starting May 3, 2019 >>>

AIR 3331 Residence Program (Contact: Emily, Chihiro)
3331 Arts Chiyoda
6-11-14 Sotokanda Chiyoda-ku Tokyo Japan 101-0021
TEL | +81 3 6803 2441
MAIL | residence(at)3331(dot)jp
*There are services included in the base program fee and optional support/space options at an additional fee.
**Calculated in 4-week increments.

New Worlds Full of New Dialogues by Hui Serene Sze Lok

September 27, 2018 / Open Residence / AIR3331

New Worlds Full of New Dialogues by Hui Serene Sze Lok
Residency length: 6 weeks
During Hui Serene Sze Lok's ( program with AIR 3331, she created new worlds for us to step into. These worlds were formed by interweaving texts and space, as well as objects familiar in our daily lives, found anywhere from the art supply store to flea markets. Traveling from Hong Kong, Serene put her methods into practice with Tokyo as her new canvas for the creation of her own poetic and site-specific work.
Inside the AIR 3331 Nishikicho Shared Studio, (, Serene made full use of her work table next to other residents. She posted across the wall, texts that invited dialogues with our thoughts, and on her table could be found old globes, with markings half rubbed away using sandpaper. Indeed, her space displaced the ground below our feet where we found new relationships to the world we think we know. Yet there were instances when she played off the spaces of fellow residents, further expanding connections to be made between worlds. In the first part of Serene's program, she collaborated with residents in a group show ( that displayed their shared experience of creating and living in Tokyo together, where new dimensions were brought out in all of their artowrks.
In July, Serene was invited to share her work at the Canvas Artist Talks held at a local pub in Tokyo's eccentric neighborhood of Shimo-kitazawa. The audience was able to view samples of past works, including those from a residency in Iceland. We saw inside her hand-crafted artist book full of memories and intimate thoughts expressed as calligraphic lines and bold colors, resonating with her background in traditional Chinese painting. Perhaps it is her skill in capturing poetic landscapes that allows her to imagine alternative modes of existence in our everyday surroundings.
As Serene's residency drew to a close, she held an exhibition titled, "Words Unsaid, then forgotten" (, showcasing her resulting artworks inside the lounge space at 3331 Arts Chiyoda. She took on the challenge of transforming this large space into her own atmosphere in which we could feel and experience each artwork and the dialogues sparked between them. Upon entering, visitors could play a mis-harmonized music box that punched out notes onto paper - a new kind of sheet music. Another space we came across was a moving image of waves displayed on a globe, its printed text and geographies completely erased - yet interestingly, the projection simultaneously revealing a larger ocean scene on the wall.
Serene returned to Hong Kong and is busy back at her position in a gallery. Yet she has taken up motifs and ideas developed during her AIR 3331 residency as a foundation for her project in progress for an upcoming group show of Zines. This new artist book will feature two simultaneous texts - one being the title from her AIR 3331 exhibition. The letters are in fact, not printed, but embossed/de-embossed to be both read by sight and touch as a dialogue between two texts. We see Serene's Tokyo experience here as another stepping stone along her path across various locations that will no doubt continue to be shaped as her world expands.

Hui Serene Sze Lok's Website >>>

We hope the creativity of our past participants will inspire some ideas for your project proposal to AIR 3331!
Program Availability: April 1, 2019 - March 27, 2020
(1-3 months per residency)
Deadline: September 28, 2018
More info:
AIR 3331: Emily

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