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310:Aldebaran Atelier Akihabara with Softbank

Aldebaran Atelier Akihabara with Softbank is the place where you can experience the application development for humanoid robot Pepper.
It's run by SoftBank Robotics Corp. and Aldebaran Robotics Corp.

It opens for the developers and the creates who are interested in the application development and the works for Pepper.

Opening hours:
Monday ► 5pm to 9:00pm
Wednesday ► 5pm to 9:00pm
Friday ► 5pm to 9:00pm
Saturday ► 1pm to 7pm
Sunday ► 1pm to 7pm
Holidays ► 1pm to 7pm

[About reservation]
This place is basically for reservation, but you can freely take a look. Please take a look and see the advanced technologies.
Aldebaran Atelier Akihabara with Softbank offers workshops and tuch-and-try programs.
For detail for the programs, please visit Japanese page. There programs are only offered by Japanese now.

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