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"Yusuke Tsuchiya: Mirror" exhibition

Period:November 16 (Sat.) - December 22 (Sun.), 2019
Closed:Mondays, Tuesdays
Etc.:Last Day until 17:00
Venue:204 (Gallery KIDO Press)

From November 16 (Sat.) to December 22 (Sun.), 2019, Gallery KIDO Press is going to hold an exhibition titled "Yusuke Tsuchiya: Mirror" that will show 3D works made by the artist of the same name. Tsuchiya studied sculpture in the Tokyo University of the Arts Graduate School of Fine Arts, and has produced mainly works portraying human figures, using terra cotta and other materials. This long-awaited exhibition will be Tsuchiya's first since his "nowhere" exhibition, which showed pieces that explored the human essence and was held at Gallery KIDO Press in 2016, about three years ago. Besides one newly created piece, it will display two pieces that were shown at Morinpia Kozu (Kozu no Mori Community Center) in the city of Narita, Chiba Prefecture, where the artist was born, and two smaller ones that have never before been exhibited, for a total of five.

  • AIR 3331