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[AIR3331] "Everyday Scenes"

Period:May 17 (Thu), 2018
Etc.:Reception and performance event starts at 18:00. (Snacks/drinks provided)

Artist: Janine Weger (Austria) & Olivia Lacey (Australia)

Janine Weger builds her own painting tools and adopts a systematic approach to painting in response to the debate that painting is near the end. Her works transmit the here and now in which we live by exploring the beauty of color and form in architecture and the urban environment.

Olivia Lacey employs processes of transcription and translation to examine the ambiguity and humour that arise in interpersonal interactions. Her works draw on pop cultural representations of the romantic confession as a space of intersubjective exchange.

Both Weger and Lacey draw from quotidian source materials to reflect on the different perspectives that can be brought to everyday experiences.

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