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[AIR3331Open Studio Collaboration] "We Could Meet Again"

[AIR3331Open Studio Collaboration]
Period:April 19 (Thu), 2018

Artists: Olivia Lacey (Australia) & Melanie Teresa Bohrer (Germany)

Olivia Lacey employs processes of transcription and translation to examine the ambiguity and humour that arise in interpersonal interactions. Her works draw on pop cultural representations of romantic dialogues as spaces of intersubjective exchange.

Melanie Teresa Bohrer is interested in exploring themes of individual and collective mourning, trauma and healing. The exhibited works process through the loss of her relationship with her father and her ex-lover using silk, stitching, sakura leaves and text.

By juxtaposing humour with longing, Lacey and Bohrer question how existing symbols within culture impact social norms and relationships.

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