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横飯 Yokomeshi: a meal eaten sideways

横飯 Yokomeshi: a meal eaten sideways
Period:April 27 (Fri), 2018
Hours:Performances at 17:30-18:00 and 19:30-20:00/ Doors open at 17:10 and 19:10
Etc.:Reception after the second performance from 20:00-20:30
Etc.:Note on Cost: Please reserve a seat at [dmelanderdayton(at)] to guarantee a spot as space is limited. *When emailing, please change (at) to (@)

Artist: Dorothy Melander-Dayton (United States)

Yokomeshi is a Japanese phrase describing the peculiar stress of speaking a foreign language. Additionally, it can describe a meal eaten while speaking a foreign language.

Yokomeshi is a work in progress showing of a new performance piece researched and developed in Japan. It explores such issues as consumerism, post-colonial legacies, and late-capitalist malaise through the use of miniatures, dolls, and live-feed video. Presenting a miniature world on a tabletop to be controlled and manipulated by the god-like hands of the performer, Yokomeshi takes the audience on a journey of discovery from the perspective of the foreigner, confronting and interrogating the role of the artist in a globalized world.


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