Period:April 7 (Sat), 2018 - April 14 (Sat), 2018
Venue:1F Main Gallery B


Never has art been so revered, pampered and protected. Absolute value and art for value sake. Modern art has become mummified by snobbery and the patronage of the wealthy. Static, untouchable, impersonal, framed and displayed.

Before breaking down the museum walls, come and see Iconoclasm II. A 8 day, evolving exhibition and art piece that you can view, engage with and even participate in shaping and owning.

Expressive, pagan and liberating Iconoclasm II proposes and finally offers you the creative freedom to cut, share and posses a part of the original large canvas in turn personalising and making the work your own.

Iconoclasm II - The Next Step Tokyo


In May 1990, half a year after the fall of the Berlin Wall, I was living in Paris and only able to follow the historic events as a viewer from afar... crazy times! Also in progress was the final preparations of my exhibition "Iconoclasme - Suite pour Alsaciennes" in Paris, "SNCF Gare de Paris la Villette Est". My idea and concept was; why not to tear down my art together with the visitors and create something new. Iconoclasm was designed as a three day event with three 'varnish previews' plus cut up. On the last day, a white large canvas was hung and a small drawing made onto it, the visitors where then invited to cut out a part of the remaining pictures. This was quite a lot to ask of the visitors, and in hindsight, maybe too much. To overcome oneself and to destroy something that was presented as complete was probably more difficult for the visitors than I had thought. The extroverted visitor had no problems with the task, but I wanted more, that everyone would overcome their hesitancy and doubt.

April 2018, many years have passed, I now live here in Tokyo, in a vibrant new the city with people I love more and more each day. I feel it is now time to revisit the idea as I want to share the concept again, so I am launching a new exhibition in an attempt to take the visitors on a creative journey with me. Iconoclasm II - The Next Step Tokyo, at 3331 Arts Chiyoda. This time no 'varnish preview' because the picture is already varnished and complete. As the exhibition space is a former middle school, let's go to school together and take a slightly different approach. On view at the Exhibition is a 30 meter long canvas and one endless visual story. During the seven day show period visitors can see the work as a whole and then choose the specific part they like. Then, on the last day, the art work will be taken down and the selected canvas pieces cut up and given to the visitors to keep and take home. Thus, something new arises from the whole, and each image is possessed by each 'Iconoclast' as a stand alone piece housed across many varied locations. The exhibition, Iconoclasm II - The Next Step Tokyo, will exist only as a memory and now as a multi piece art work.

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