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刻白(Carving White)

刻白(Carving White)
Period:April 7 (Sat,), 2018 - April 13 (Fri), 2018
Venue:B109 (CfSHE ANNEX)

Artist: Mel Cheong

In Mokuhanga, what is carved will become white. Mel Cheong, who had participated to Artist-In-Residence at Lake Kawaguchi - on the foot of Mt. Fuji -, returned this year to encounter the mountain in a white dress in March. In that view, she waited to open a new page in the story about Mokuhanga, about the nature, about the people there and about her. Here the new page is.

"I still remember the days when I look at Mt. Fuji in the morning, I can feel the soft breeze in the air, I look upon the field in front of me, the sky is as clear as a crystal. It is something I can never image in Macau. There was also a day when we were very excited waiting for the sunset together, Keiko San told us that the lights from the climbers will form a necklace on Mt. Fuji. All these details, all these feeling, combines and become a late summer story of Mt. Fuji.

Then, this time, another story is waiting for me."

The artist will be present at the gallery in Artist's talk on Saturday 7,April at 18.00.

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