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Shumon sake tasting in 3331 Arts Chiyoda

酒門の会 きき酒会 In 3331 Arts Chiyoda
Period:May 13(Sun),2018
Etc.:Ticket full advance sale
Hours:Part1 :12:00~14:00 Part2:15:00~17:00
Etc.:Each part is a complete replacement system. Please purchase tickets for applicable time.
Venue:1F Community Space, 1F Lounge

"Shumon" consisting of eight brewers nationwide and 64 breweries specialty shops. "Kokuryu" in Fukui,
"MeikyoShisui" in Nagano,"Shosetu" "Hatukame" in Sizuoka, "Suminoe" in Miyagi, "Fumotoi" in Yamagata, "Takijiman" in Mie, "Kirakucho" in Shiga.
For the first time as "Shumon", we will do a honorable drinking party for general drinkers.
It is a great opportunity to talk directly with brewers who had few opportunities to come so far!

At each brewer's booth, we set up a study corner on sake. While drinking sake
You can talk to the brewer and put on knowledge. "I am interested in sake, but what should I do?"
It is recommended for those who do not understand. Please come by all means!

Tickets are "e+" and are on sale well. Purchase from ↓

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