STANZA vol.3

STANZA vol.3
Period:November 28 (Tue), 2017 - December 3 (Sun). 2017

Artists: Keiko Orii、Hiromi Kitaguchi、Ayako Kuroiwa、Kyoko Kurosawa、Kyoko Narisawa、Shino Matsuda

STANZA (stanza) has a place to continue the presentation without being overwhelmed by trends and profit, by the form of group exhibition by the artist's planning, inventive idea, by exploring possibility as an individual writer by exchanging with others We aimed at activities that can go on.
It is held once a year for 5 years from 2015 to 2019 and consists of 6 Japanese painters who work mainly in Tokyo. By continuing with the same members as much as possible, we aim for the third time this year with the goal of influencing and developing each other and developing, and seeing the change, repeated trial and error, such as changing members or changing the venue .

In the exhibition, the venue is divided into six spaces, and it is organized according to their theme and purpose. In addition, small works consisting of a common theme (this year "air") are also exhibited, trying to be an opportunity to look at each writer's character in a bird's eye view.

In the word STANZA there is a meaning to express parts and units that make up poetry such as "consecutive" and "clause", meaning "room" in Italian. While keeping the individual breaks, the thought that I want to positively capture the unpredictable continuity and sound that occurs when they are combined is put.

Although the tasks confronting each other while living each day are different from each other, it is possible that a certain sound that captures the present age can be found by collecting a plurality of personality (STANZA) having a certain "prosody" as a Japanese painting, Please come and see us in such a place that you can call it such "poet poetry".

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