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JAPANESETIP Exhibition-Shape of Japanese who found over the table-

ジャパニーズチップ展 ーテーブルの上で見つけた日本人のカタチー
Closed:Open Everyday
Etc.:Opening Recepcion December2(Sat)&3(Sun)2017 11:00 - 18:00
Etc.:Lastday until17:00


What is this object?

The start of my collecting began at a part-time job during my school years.
I was just trying to make money so it was boring to clean a messy table after the customer's meals.

One day I found a chopstick paper transformed by the customer's unconscious movements.
I thought, "What an interesting shape it is!" and as l looked around I realized a lot of people were making many shapes and leaving it at the restaurant.

I thought it is a Japanese habit so I named this object a JAPANESE TIP(ジャパニーズチップ).
I thought that it was a "thank you" sign from the customer.

Before it was just trash for me, but it changed to become a TIP from the customer.
Since then, cleaning the tables became much more fun.

I want to see more shapes. And I want to share this feeling with many people. So I started this project.

The objects exhibited in this hall are sent from restaurants everywhere from Hokkaido to Okinawa, all over the country (47 prefectures) which was done while crossing Japan from April 2016~March 2017.
There were over 13,000 pieces gathered which was unexpected, and about 8,000 pieces are fully exhibited in this hall.

These objects were created by a human relationship. The shapes are particularly Japanese.

Why did they make this shape?
What kind of interaction has occurred?
Please check the story behind the objects.

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