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Artist Initiative commandN 20th Anniversary Exhibition “Open the New page!” A theory of Tokyo created by the expressions of over 2,000 artists’ projects

Artist Initiative commandN 20th Anniversary Exhibition “Open the New page!”  A theory of Tokyo created by the expressions of over 2,000 artists’ projects
Period:October 20 (Fri), 2017 - November 19 (Sun), 2017
Etc.:*Period extended
Closed:Open Everyday
Etc.:Last entry 19:30
Admission:General 800 yen; College Student, Senior (65+) , Group discounts(10+) 700 yen; Free for junior high school students or younger
Etc.:*Free for Chiyoda City citizens (with proof) *Free for those with a disability certificate + 1 attendant
Venue:1F Main Gallery

In 1997, a new movement was created in Tokyo's Akihabara area. This was the concept of an "artist initiative", in which artists independently plan and fund projects, hold spaces, spread information, and manage themselves, all while integrating with the city. Five artists sharing this idea came together and the activities of commandN began. From Akihabara TV and Sukima Project, to the founding of 3331 Arts Chiyoda and the launch of TRANS ARTS TOKYO, commandN has constantly been creating art projects together with the city.
Welcoming its 20th anniversary in 2017, commandN will open a major exhibition reflecting on its twenty years of activities. The exhibition will include an installation consisting of one hundred CRT monitors showing the "Akihabara TV" project (1999, 2000, 2002) that hijacked one thousand commercial TV sets in order to screen video art, as well as the re-display of, the "Tokyo Rabbit Paradise Project" (2001-2006), which transformed Tokyo residences (called "rabbit houses" by foreigners at the time) into artwork, and the "Sukima Project" (1999-2001), which created work from the perspective of "gaps and crevices" within the Tokyo metropolis. Concurrent to the exhibition, related events will be held, such as bringing back the "Powwow" talk event that was launched at the same time as the founding of commandN. While reviewing commandN's projects through multiple perspectives, the new page beyond 2020 will be opened.

"commandN" was named based on the Macintosh short-cut key "command+N" = "open a new page!" and represents the infinite possibilities for creating new values with the fostering of alternative thinking. Upholding the standard of "making our own space, on our own, to make our own activities," in the fall of 1997, the five of us founded a small shared office and gallery in one of the back streets of the Suehirocho area near Akihabara. From then on, and until the founding of 3331 Arts Chiyoda, we have produced 165 projects and have made expressions with over two thousand artists. All of these involve artists using their work as a one-shot breakthrough penetrating the entire surface of society. They formulate a history of expressive action that can be termed an "emerging theory of Tokyo". Through this exhibition, with the concept of commandN presenting a society where anyone can open a new page, it is my hope to provide opportunities that bring forth new discoveries and visions within our city.
Masato Nakamura(CommandN)

Organizer: General Non-Profit Incorporated Artistic Organization Command N
Collaboration: EIZO Co., Ltd., TURNER COLOUR WORKS LTD.
Support: Akihabara Electrical Town Organization

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■October 20 (Fri) 16:00-18:00
Powwow/42 "Isn't commandN opening way too many pages?"
Speakers: Hiroko Seki x Peter Bellars x Atsushi Ito x Masato Nakamura x Shingo Suzuki x Yuumi Shishido x Tomomi Ozone

■November 4 (Sat) 18:30-20:30
Powwow/43 "An architect makes art and an artist makes architecture. The Tokyo theory of gaps between art and architecture!?"
Speakers: Yoshiharu Tsukamoto (Atelier Bow-Wow) x Masashi Sogabe (Mikangumi) x Masato Nakamura (commandN)
Guest Speaker: Hiroshi Fuji(artist)

■November 5 (Sun) 14:00-16:00
Powwow/44 "How can we make policies that make culture? What is the cultural program of the Olympics?"
Speakers: Yasuta Hayashi (Agency for Cultural Affairs) x Tsukasa Mori (Arts Council Tokyo) x Mikio Sugiura (Arts Council Niigata) x Masato Nakamura (commandN)

■November 5 (Sun) 18:30-20:30
Powwow/45 "How do communities feel about art projects?"
Speakers: Noboru Tsubaki (contemporary artist) x Takamine Tadasu (visual artist) x Ren Fukuzumi (art critic) x Masato Nakamura (commandN)

■November 11 (Sat) 14:00-16:00
Powwow/46 "Media x Art x Akiba = a dangerous mix!?"
Speakers: Yukiko Shikata (curator) x Gabin Ito (editor) x Hidetoshi Chiba (journalist) x Masato Nakamura (commandN)

□Admission: free (*with the purchase of exhibition ticket)
□Venue: exhibition space
□Reservation: Seats are reserved for those that register. Please fill out 1 - 6 and send by e-mail.

①Title of event (Powwow/42-46) ②Institution/Group ③Name ④Number of participants ⑤e-mail address ⑥Contact info (phone number)
[Registration e-mail address] ws2(at) *please change "at" to @ when sending.

□Video distribution:
On the day of the events, video footage will be distributed. Please follow the URL (peatix) below to purchase a video ticket (500 yen).

[Concurrent Event] "3331 Galleries Night"
The galleries inside 3331 Arts Chiyoda will extend open hours until 8:00 pm, together with the opening of the Artist Initiative commandN 20th Anniversary Exhibition - "Open the New page!" The galleries will even hold a special stamp-collecting event as part of the night. Participants will be gifted an original pin badge from the 1F Information counter if they collect stamps from all galleries.
We hope to see you at this fun event!

*Date & Time: October 20 (Fri) 12:00 - 8:00 pm, 2017 *Opening time depends on each gallery

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