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Period:September 2(Sat)-October 8 (Sun)2017
Closed:Monday, Tuesday, Holidays , Summer vacation Aug11(fri)-Aug18(fri)
Venue:204 (Gallery KIDO Press)

For the third time ever and the first in four years, Gallery KIDO Press is going to host a solo exhibition by Tokuro Sakamoto. The title of this latest exhibition is "Outline."

In his first solo exhibition at Gallery KIDO Press in 2009, Tokuro Sakamoto tried his hand at copperplate engraving (etching). For the second in 2013, he took up the challenge of mezzotint, a first for him. And in this, the third, he is taking up that of a technique using both etching and lithography as another initial effort. Combining the delicate and tasteful lines distinctive to etchings with the vivid colors and variation induced by shading in lithography, the technique lends even more depth to his works, and makes for enthralling results.

Tokuro Sakamoto, "Hayashi" (Forest), 255 x 340 mm, 2017, etching, lithograph, published by KIDO Press, Inc. All rights reserved.

Extremely popular on the art scene both inside and outside Japan, Tokuro Sakamoto produces pictures of images chosen from ordinary life, rendered with a detached restraint.
These works derive from the artist's earnest creative posture, in the form of his attitude toward simply being alive in the world, here and now.
Sakamoto's works use scenes that could be encountered anywhere and commonplace articles as their motifs. But they give the viewer a feeling of really seeing them for the first time, almost as if he or she is breathing right there within the space depicted. Once seen, they have an impact that is unforgettable; they ever abide in the memory for their unusually moving effect.

For this exhibition, we will display paintings in addition to eight prints.
We strongly urge you not to miss this opportunity to experience the tranquility and profundity of Sakamoto's world.

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