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3331 GALLERY #033 solo-exhibition of Yuya Koyama "Remaining Methods" -3331 ART FAIR recommended artists

3331 GALLERY #033  solo-exhibition of Yuya Koyama
Period:2017 9/22[Fri.]-10/15[Sun.]
Etc.:Opening Party 9/23[Sat.] 17:00-19:00
Closed:Open Everyday
Venue:1F 3331 Gallery

We are pleased to announce the 3331 Arts Chiyoda solo-exhibition of Yuya Koyama, one of 3331 ART FAIR's recommended artists.*

Koyama states that the motivation for his activities "lies in the exploration of the future, through disassembling and reassembling elements of communication, while visualizing and eroding the frameworks of existence." Moreover, for the 3331 Art Fair Koyama exhibited the video piece, Dancing by myself (video, 8min 43sec, 2015), a performance of Koyama himself dancing inside the train or in the city streets to music being leaked from someone else's earphones.

Koyama has always been conscious of the boundaries between the private and public sectors, communication, and the flow of contact. For this exhibition titled, "Remaining Methods", rather than using different methods or replacement methods, he approaches these issues with "remaining methods" presented through installation. We encourage you to come view what will become Yuya Koyama's first ever solo-exhibition.

*More about 3331 ART FAIR recommended artists...
For the 3331 Art Fair -Various Collectors Prizes- held in March, 2017, voting results were gathered from general visitors, and artists were recommended by the 3331 Art Fair committee. As a result, two artists (Yuya Koyama and Kohei Asakura) were selected to hold solo-exhibitions within 3331 Arts Chiyoda as "3331 ART FAIR recommended artists".


"What is left over if I subtract the fact that my arm rises from the fact that I raise my arm?" (Ludwig Wittgenstein) - What is left over? Is it my intention to raise my arm? Was it my intention that moved my arm? Had my normal self had any intention? Any intention impossible for my arm to perform doesn't occur to me. Does it mean that my arm's physical structure is ingrained in my intention? If so, what happens when I lift up other matter? When the other is an acquaintance, a squatter, a commercial product, or trash, how is the other's structure ingrained into my intention to lift it up?
Yuya Koyama's performative artwork is embedded with this type of socially and physically combined, heterogeneous mixture of issues relating to intention.
These are illuminated through unforeseen angles for the world to see.

Kei Hirakura (Art theorist/critic)


Artist Profile
1989 Born in Saitama
2015 Graduated from Tokyo zokei Universty graduate school
2015 "Railway Arts Festival vol.5" Art area B1
2016 "Unusualness Makes Sense" Chiang Mai University Art center
2016 "PARTY" Art Center Ongoing
2016 "think in 1/6" blanclass 2016 "Politics of Space" statements


■3331 Gallery×Open Letter Collaborative Exhibition Event
Artist Tour: October 7 (Sat) 15:30~17:00 (Reservation not necessary/meet at 15:30 at 3331 GALLERY)
*The tour will go through the two concurrent exhibitions with artist commentary

■Concurrent Exhibition
Period: 2017, Oct. 7〜Nov.19 *Open only Sat/Sun during exhibition period
Venue: Open Letter (3331 Arts Chiyoda #211)

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