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『Gallery project for young artist vol.1』 Nao Oishi Daiichi Matsushita

『Gallery project for young artist vol.1』  大石 奈穂・松下 大一二人展
Period:July 22(Sat)-Aug 27(Sun)2017
Closed:Monday, Tuesday, Holidays , Summer vacation Aug11(fri)-Aug18(fri)
Venue:204 (Gallery KIDO Press)

Kido Press is going to stage an exhibition by two young artists.

We introduced Nao Oishi at her first solo exhibition in Gallery KIDO Press in July 2016.

Oishi graduated from Musashino Art University Graduate School in 2016 and was given an Excellent Work Award for one of her graduate works displayed at this year's FACE (Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Art Award) Exhibition.

Her uniquely meticulous pictorial expression of a variety of motifs pulls the viewer into a magical world. Whatever the motif, her paintings always seem to be breathing softly.

Daiichi Matsushita was awarded a master's degree from the Graduate School of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts, in 2017.
He continues to produce works taking owls and other species of birds and animals as their chief motifs. His sometimes whimsical, sometimes serious-minded rendering of birds affords a glimpse of his unswerving compassion for all life.
He has displayed works at numerous exhibitions and enchanted many animal lovers with them.

We urge you to see works created with such earnest dedication by two rising artists possessed of exquisite and subtle powers of expression.

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