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Ayaka Asano exhibition “I’ll Tell You My Secrets”

Ayaka Asano exhibition “I’ll Tell You My Secrets”
Period:June 8 (Thu), 2017 - June 25 (Sun), 2017
Closed:Mondays, Tuesdays
Venue:205b(Tachibana Gallery)

The Tachibana Gallery will hold printmaker Ayaka Asano's solo show "I'll Tell You My Secrets" from June 8 to 25, 2017. This spring, Asano stayed in Taiwan for one month to hold a solo exhibition. The current exhibition focuses on works which were created based on that experience.

The main motifs are unassuming faces of her Taiwanese friends. She represents various feelings by combining etching prints of portraits of them and collage of "examples of treats or small gifts." According to Asano, the unfamiliar land that is Taiwan was overflowing with the "magic of chance meetings." Through each work, one by one, condensing the "magic of chance meetings," Asano humbly appeals to us the idea that the world can be changed by chance meetings.

Ayaka Asano
1985: Born in Shizuoka, Japan
2008: BFA, Osaka University of Arts

2017: YIRI ARTS Taichung Space "Farewell time"
2016: "Let's meet once more and say goodbye" Tachibana Gallery (Tokyo)
2015: "U-turn Gaze" Tachibana Gallery (Osaka)
2013: "My Little Sorrows" Tachibana Gallery (Osaka)
2011 - 15: Gemma (Yaizu), Bangaro (Osaka), Gallery H.O.T (Osaka), gallery&space SIO (Osaka), Venga (Seoul), etc.

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