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Haruna Sato「Slightly but quite different」

Haruna Sato「Slightly but quite different」
Period:June 10(Sat)-July 16(Sun)2017
Closed:Mondays, Tuesdays
Venue:204(Gallery KIDO Press)

Born in Tokyo, Japan in 1984, Haruna Sato is a painter who treats the canvas like human skin, and whose paintings make viewers want to reach out and touch them.
Not confined to depictions of babies and human bodies, which have been her favorite subjects so far, the exhibition was titled "Slightly but quite different" by Sato herself, based on her own awareness and resolve about the limited but definite change in and diversity of subjects. Her art rests on unswerving, distinctive "matiere" and "valeur." Thanks to these traits, the works manage to convey, for example, even a fleshy blurriness and moistness imbued with a vital force, however the motifs may differ.

Sato has remained very active and made outstanding strides since her selection for the Tokyo Wonder Wall Award in 2009. One of her latest big exhibits was that titled "The Secrets of Skin - Tsuguharu Foujita X Haruna Sato"* and held at the Ginza Mitsukoshi Gallery. This year, she is going to stage an elaborate exhibit taking up two gallery rooms at the Nakanojo Biennale (in the town of Nakanojo, Gunma Prefecture). Her activities are hardly confined to Japan; she also takes part in art fairs in other countries and has been invited to be in numerous group exhibits outside Japan.

Sato begins making works by applying oil-based paint to hemp canvas as if tapping it on. This tapping technique leaves subtle indentations in the paint, to which several types of warm-color paint are successively applied in the same manner. She then shaves the painted surface with sandpaper, carefully bringing out various layers of hues hidden beneath. Through this process of tapping and sanding, which requires use of the artist's own physical skills, the texture of the canvas gradually approaches that of human skin.

Sato's production of form starts in earnest from this point.

As for motifs, Sato is avidly tackling new subjects, which is what most distinguishes this exhibit from previous ones. But even so, what she ultimately takes aim at in her works is always true-to-life depictions exuding a vitality that makes viewers want to reach out and touch them, due to the overwhelming presence of their texture.

For this exhibition, Sato is taking up the challenge of new subjects.
This exhibit will display an ambitious painting of size 100 (1,620 x 1,300 mm) and six other works including drawings.
We urge you to not to miss it!

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