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Exhibition 「Vase to Pray -8.9Nagasaki-」

Exhibition 「Vase to Pray -8.9Nagasaki-」
Period:July 8 (Sat),2017 - July 14 (Fri),2017
Etc.:first day start15:00  Last day  until19:00

The group, Vase to Pray Project, is a project team formed by young designers living in 
Tokyo. The main activities of the project are exhibitions to inherit the importance of the 
peace. This is our first exhibition, and it will simultaneously be held in two places:
 Nagasaki and Tokyo.

What is Vase to Pray: 8.9 Nagasaki?
The works were printed by a 3D printer, which scanned the vases exposed to the heat blast (2,000-4,000°C) by the atomic bomb. Three pieces of the works will be exhibited, which viewers can touch them at the exhibition venues.

The Vision of Vase to Pray Project
More than 70 years have been passed since the end of World War II in Japan.
In recent years, it is concerned about the reduction and diminution of the awareness of peace mainly among younger generations.

We live in the era when everyone can get the information they want.
Thus, no matter how important the information is, people don't tend to get it unless they think they want to know.
If they do not know about it, they neither can think about it nor move into action.

In order to inherit the peace, a knowing opportunity is needed now. Thus, the project uses modern technology and makes an opportunity to think about the peace for the next generations by the new experience-based approach.

This project is to inherit the importance of the peace to the next generations.

Vase to Pray Project

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