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[AIR 3331] Notes on Memory

[AIR 3331]  Notes on Memory
Period:May 18 (Thu) - May 24 (Wed) 2017
Etc.:Open at 18.00 on the first day, May 18 (Thu)

Artist: Matilde Maria Rasmussen

Finishing a one month residency with AIR 3331 Open Call, Matilde Maria Rasmussen presents her artwork in the exhibition "Notes on Memory".
Please join us at the opening of Matilde's exhibition for a reception party. During the exhibition period, visitors are invited to join Matilde in casual discussion regarding memory.

■ Artist Statement
Notes on Memory

Excerpts from an upcoming book for humanoids, on the subject of human memory.

Formed by a series of investigations of our senses (sight, smell, hearing, taste, touch) as direct links to memory, the aim is to guide the inexperienced humanoid through the complexities of human history, personal memories, and the biological, sensual events that help define them.

Please step inside and share your sensory attention to memory. This way we can provide humanoids with more notes, and perhaps we can also gain a new critical and emotional understanding of the ways in which memory guides and deepens our experiences, our lives.

■ Artist profile:

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