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Hiroko Masuko “Bonsai skin”

Hiroko Masuko  “Bonsai skin”
Period:April 28 (fri.) ~ May 20 (sat.), 2017
Etc.:Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (Except Mon,20 th March)
Venue:205a(Gallery Jin)

Hiroko Masuko, born in Miyagi prefecture in 1982, received M.A. From Miyagi University of Education in 2008. Living in Miyagi prefecture. Held a solo exhibition "The garden of my act" at Tokyo Wondersite Hongo in 2009. Won a prize at The 10th Gunma Biennale For Young Artists, award for excellence / Toyota Art Competition in 2010.
Held N.Eblood 21 Vol.54 Hiroko Masuko Solo Show/RIAS ARK MUSEUM OF ART, Miyagi in 2015.
She is one of the most up-and-coming young artist in Japan.
Masuko Hiroko's works have its uniqueness in her small bonsai (Japanese gardening style) image expressed in monochrome. Masuko overlaps her image making process with the Bonsai, which aims to create new forms by interrupting human hands into the forms of nature.
This is her fifth solo exhibition on our gallery. Her new eight works named "Bonsai skin" are exhibited in this time. We are looking forward to your visiting.                                        (Artist's statement) I have created Bonsai works on paper since 2006. Like growing plants in a pot, I plant seeds in a ready-made panel and encourage their growing by drawing.
When I watch plants those someone carefully grows, my skin feels gardeners' skill and care, sun light and flowing water through its body, as I were those plants. As that time, my hand becomes free from my control and shakes like a hand of earthquake recorder. "Bonsai skin"; works exhibited on this exhibition, came from my experience of sense. I would like to explain the relation between human and plants and sense of touch from the relation.

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