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Shigeru NISHIKAWA 「under construction or destruction」

Shigeru NISHIKAWA 「under construction or destruction」
Period:7th Apr. (Fri.) - 14th May. (Sun.), 2017
Etc.:Reception Party : 8:00 - 20:00 on 8th Apr., 2017 The artist will be present. Free admission.
Closed:※Closed : mon. tue. wed.& closed between 1st May. - 10th May.
Venue:207: Gallery OUT of PLACE TOKIO

Gallery OUT of PLACE TOKIO would like to present its Apr. - May. exhibition of Shigeru NISHIKAWA " under construction or destruction " 
Kansai-based Shigeru NISHIKAWA started displaying his work in 2009. 
From this point, he has been recognized by his artworks of a delicate, yet bold sensibility. 
However, in the number of years following 2013, he has completely reduced outside activity as a return to his origins as an artist, devoted to building a strong personal foundation. 
In the latter half of 2015 his view has started shifting to the outside, and is a second coming geared for his newest series presented her as, " under construction or destruction."
In his newest works gathered in the series, " under construction or destruction," NISHIKAWA uses the motif of buildings covered by protective sheets during construction. Underlying these images we find the artist's deep reflections on our environment and nature.
It is our pleasure to invite you to experience the pleasure brought forth by NISHIKAWA's oil brushstrokes that hold a hidden message for contemporary society beneath the surface.

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