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Seven Poems -Six years. Seeing Fukushima-

Seven Poems -Six years. Seeing Fukushima-
Period:March 9-14,2017
Etc.:Opening Party March 9,18:30
Etc.:Last day close 17:00

Artists: Miran Rin,Tatsuo Inoue,Hirotaka Hayashi,Akiko Kameoka,Yoshie Kondo,Steve Frost,Franco Tadeo Inada

Fukushima nuclear power plant #1, a place in Kanto that made energy for us.

It's been 6 years without a solution in sight.

In the meantime, the memories of the accident continue to fade from our daily lives.

Since 2014, 7 artists have been visiting Iwaki city and the surrounding area.

What is it like there now? What messages have they received from Fukushima?

It took 1 year to create our work,
and now it is ready to exhibit.

Through the art work the 7 of us have created, it is our great privilege to share the messages we have received, and to provide you the opportunity to meet Fukushima face to face.

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