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nakajima mugi / WM new works

nakajima mugi / WM new works
Period:24th Feb. (Fri.) - 26th Mar. (Sun.), 2017
Etc.:Reception Party : 18:00 - 20:00 on 25th Feb., 2017 / The artist will be present.  Free admission.
Closed:Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays
Venue:207: Gallery OUT of PLACE TOKIO

Gallery OUT of PLACE TOKIO is pleased to announce the opening of nakajima mugi's exhibition,"WM new works".

Until now, nakajima mugi has been working with a concept of "contradiction", as he places two completely different textured abstract paintings next to one another. With this as his foundation, he presented the series, "blue on blue"  (2013) and "tristes tropiques" (2014), in his continued pursuit of stretching the boundaries of abstract painting.In his newest "WM" works, he further opens the scope for his concept in what could even be considered a series that arrives at full completion. It seems that the artist has finally overcome the theme of "contradiction" and has arrived at the theme of "resurgence."

The title, "WM," can also be read in Japanese as umu, meaning "presence or absence." Perhaps its theme can then be viewed as the notion of antinomy. 
At first glance, the painted surface entitled "W" (vertical vectors and countless microscopic particles make up the entire composition), and the simple surface of "M" (a giant drop of paint is dripped horizontally, covering the canvas)are put together as two seemingly different types of paintings. The two pieces, however, can be viewed as capturing the same matter.
This is to say, in the number of particles and their differing sizes, or the way gravity plays a part in making varying paint strokes, both pieces are undoubtedly "drops of paint." 

You could even say that "W" pictures rain falling from the sky: the dynamism  (momentum)
when gravity causes it to fall vertically, while "M" pictures rain gathering in a puddle:  gravity in a static state (stilled time.)

Perhaps there is actually not a huge difference in even the opposing matters of presence and absence. "WM" appears to suggest that our entire world is nothing more than the endless, oscillating universe held within one sphere. Our gallery invites you to view what can be seen as abstract painting bolstered to the next level in the immense theme underlying nakajima mugi's newest works.   

*This exhibition is a continuation of the solo-exhibition held at Gallery OUT of PLACE NARA in Fall 2016. Therefore, a majority of artworks have been updated to the artist's most recent pieces.

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