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Kenji Shibata exhibition

Kenji Shibata exhibition
Venue:205b(Tachibana Gallery)

Kenji Shibata is a photographer who explores themes of beauty and decay. In his series "Locked in the Ether", he froze colorful flowers in blocks of ice. And by photographing the thawing process, he created contrasts between the frozen beauties and the rapidly wilting dead flowers outside of the ice.

In this project, the state of the flowers locked in ice is a metaphor of perpetual present. And the state of the melting ice is a metaphor of time going by. The flowers locked in ice are beautiful. But Shibata felt as if the flowers were crying for freedom. Then when the ice begins to melt, the flowers are now tossed back into the merciless cycle of time and will soon wither away. He is attracted by such a contradiction.

Kenji Shibata
1964: Born in Osaka, Japan
1997: Graduated from London College of Printing and Distributive Trades

  • AIR 3331
  • 3331 TRANS ARTS