Period:April 9 (Mon), 2012 - May 30 (Wed), 2012
Etc.:Advance sale @Lawson Ticket
Closed:Third Tusesday(17th Apr、15th May)
Hours:[Weekday] 11:30-20:00 / [Weekends & holidays] 10:30-20:00
Admission:adlut 1,500yen, Student 800yen, Junior high school 500yen
Venue:1F Main Gallery, 104(shop)

The Manga Artist Otomo Katsuhiro - The Complete Picture Finally Comes to Light.

Otomo Katsuhiro made his debut 39 years ago. His work made such an impact upon the world of manga that a demarcation of "pre-Otomo and post-Otomo" came to designate a turning point in manga history. The power of his work was not only felt within Japan but starting with Europe and America his work has had a strong influence over creatives across the world and has brought many new followers to the world of manga. The live action remake of "AKIRA" still gains much attention in Hollywood, even 20 years after its conclusion in manga series, pointedly revealing the breadth of impact of Otomo's work and its universality. In this exhibition work is brought together from Otomo's debut period up to the current day in the first comprehensive exhibition of his original drawings.


<< Dates >>
9th April (Monday) - 30th May (Wednesday) 2012

<< Opening times >>

Important Notice: All tickets must be reserved and bought in advance. There are specific times for each admission.


* Ticket holders are asked to queue in line, and in some cases, it takes for up to 20 minutes to enter the exhibition.
* Admission should be made within 30 minutes from the official admission time.
* All those admitted at 10:30, 11:30, and 13:00 must exit the gallery by 15:30. All those admitted at 16:00 and 17:30 must exit by 20:00.
* There is no discount offered for group, advance reservation or any other such.
* Once a ticket has been purchased, no change can be made to the date and time and no refund can be offered.
* Resale of tickets is an infringement of the law

<< Closed on >>
Third Tuesday of each month (17th April and 15th May)

<< Admission Fee >>
Adult: 1,500 Yen
Student (High School, University, Vocational School) : 800 Yen
Junior High School Student: 500 Yen
Children of Elementary School age and below are free to enter but should be accompanied by an adult.
* The exhibition space will be highly crowded so we recommend not to bring infants.
* Otomo Katsuhiro, whose hometown is in Miyagi prefecture, has decided that a percentage of all proceeds raised through the ticket sales of this exhibition will go towards the support of regeneration efforts in the areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake.

<< Ticket Sales >>
All tickets must be bought in advance through "Lawson Ticket".
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Tickets for April will be on sale from 10 am 3rd March, and tickets for May will be on sale from 14th April.
In order to make your reservation the following "L code" is required.

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Admission for April 39994
Admission for May 39995

How to reserve and buy tickets:
The reservation process is different depending upon the method used.
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