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3331 Independents Scholarship vol.2

3331 Independents Scholarship vol.2
Period:7 Jan (Sat) - 29 Jan (Sun) 2012
Etc.:Last admission 30 mins before closing
Venue:1F Main Gallery

Artists:Ito Hiroaki (Nominated by Hachiya Kazuhiko), Kawase Tomoyo (Nominated by Matsukage Hiroyuki), Kimori Keiko (Nominated by Nakamura Masato), Sonopuro-Nopuro (Nominated by Sawaragi Noi), Hi!LEG (Nominated by the audience), Miki Masaya (Nominated by Shikata Yukiko), Mitobe Nanae (Nominated by O JUN), Yamada Haruka (Nominated by Igarashi Taro)

Aiming to create a space in which the creative arts are open to all, 3331 hosts an annual open art festival "Chiyoda Arts Festival" in which anyone is eligible to participate. Chasing the art scene of the future and discovering and supporting new talent 3331 realized "3331 Independents Vol.3" in September 2011. Here approximately 300 art works were exhibited and throughout the exhibition audience members and guest judges were able to vote for their favourite work. We are pleased to present the 8 selected artists in this special "Scholarship Exhibition". Please come along to experience the works of these cutting edge artists whose future developments are much anticipated.

Introduction to the Artists
●Ito Hiroaki
Born in Hokkaido, 1978. Graduated the printing course of Musashino Art University 2005.
Exhibitions include The Gunma Biennale for Young Artists, 1999, GEISAI #13,#14, 2009, 2010, Machinaka Art Gallery Fukuoka 2011.

Nominator: Hachiya Kazuhiko (Media Artist)
The truth is that I actually changed my decision at the last moment. Firstly I chose the artist whom I thought would be interesting from the perspective of the audience, but after sleeping on it I thought it better to select an artist whose work I would really like to see in an exhibition. But there were so many works which I thought were of a high standard and there were numerous awards I would have liked to have given such as "If it was for sale I would like to buy it Award" and the "I want to see how this develops Award" and the "I want this artist to make a big exhibition Award", so it was really hard to judge. I would like to request an exhibition from each of the selected artists. And furthermore I very much look forward to seeing the work of all of those who participated in this exhibition once more.

●Kawase Tomoyo
Born in Mie prefecture. With a focus upon drawing she creates cut out pictures and sculptural forms from fabric. In recent years she has moved from Kansai to Tokyo in order to pursue her work.

Nominator: Matsukage Hiroyuki (Contemporary Artist/ Photographer)
You may think it unlikely that I would offer an award to a cute drawing which caught my joy at first sight, however in this work I found the spirit and strength of continuous drawing filled with a direct vitality. The vivid flowers and insects born out of her visions, which reveal a respect for mountains and nature, are bright and psychedelic, also reflecting a more gaudy and aggressive pleasure.

● Sonopuro-Nopuro
Born in 1973. Graduated from the commercial design course of Chiyoda Polytechnic College of Arts in 1993. He has participated in various group exhibitions and presented work at Design Festa. In 2011 he undertook the artist name Sonopuro-Nopuro and made a fresh start in his art practice. He creates original characters taken from his memory and inspirations through illustrations and sculptural forms.

Nominator: Noi Sawaragi (art critic)
Artwork using stuffed toys started to increase in America at about the start of the 90's. This work can also be positioned in the same trend. However, all of these characters have histories, proper names and a specific role. These composite sculptures with their compressed elements are stories in a frozen condition. If they are thawed out, they will likely spin themselves into a variety of situations.

●Kimori Keiko
Born in 1963. Graduated from Tokyo College of Photography in 1993. Her first solo exhibition "ATMOS PHERE" was held at mole, 1992, and she has since gone on to hold many others including "META" (Nikon Salon Shinjuku, 2003), "sarana" (Galeria Q, 2005) and "Kimori Keiko Exhibition" (Fukuoka Prefectural Art Museum, 2007).

Nominator: Masato Nakamura (artist, General director of 3331)
Without characteristic assertiveness or conceptual bias, the work of Keiko Kimori with its heavy existence has interested me until the end. Empathizing with the perspective of an author just beginning to hold a camera, I sense the strength of photos different from those riding the times.

● Hi!LEG
An art unit consisting of Hagio Kana, Terakawa Akiho and Yoshiyama Momoko. They are currently studying at the department of Imaging Arts and Sciences at Musashino Art University. They are currently developing the parody series "I Want to Become Famous Project".

Comment from 3331
The artist group attracted the attention of many visitors through placing real film posters together with their own reconstructions. But what was the aim of the artists who stopped the audience in their tracks? While following the statement"I want to become famous", this work also demonstrates a hint of cynicism, standing at the top of the 300 works in the exhibition.

● Miki Maaya
Born in Kyoto, 1987. Graduated from the department of oil painting Musashino Art University in 2009. She develops drawings, installations and performances from a memo which she habitually writes in. She was selected for the 28th Ueno Royal Museum Award Exhibition. She also received the Ikeda Ryoji Award for her work exhibited at Musashino Art University in 2010.

Nominator: Yukiko Shikata (media art curator)
Here the world is grasped as a system of semiotics, through visualizations, language and ciphers, the visual and material being converted into codes. Through such a technique, the work causes a dislocation of various existing codes, causing us to secretly question our view of the world and the position of reality.

●Mitobe Nanae
Born in Kanagawa prefecture. Since graduating from Nagoya Zokei University she has participated in exhibitions all over the country including "BLUMEN GARTEN" (LOOP HOLE, Tokyo), "SHIFT←311"( ART CAFE・G BOX, Hiroshima), "Iconophobia" (Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art Gallery, Aichi). Her work mainly focuses upon 2-d forms of oil painting and design.

Nominator: O JUN (painter)
With savage brush marks and a ridiculous waste of paint, from start to finish, she faces the heartless surface. What seems to be a simple and somewhat naive road on which she is heading, actually hints at a steep detour, but it can't be helped. That's because this artist grappling with painting.

●Yamada Haruka
Born in 1986. After graduating from the design course of Joshibi Junior College of Art and Design, she has continued to make and exhibit work, as well as organize group shows, from her Tokyo base. She has developed a series of works "A Woman who has no boyfriend and no one to marry", "The Image of an Ideal Man" and "Male Imagination" dealing with issues of gender and the lifestyles of women through photography and text.

Nominator: Taro Igarashi (Architectural critic)
When I first saw it, I felt I could not touch the work and dubiously questioned why Okazaki Kyoko's manga "helter-skelter" was included here, and but upon my second viewing I gained a realization and was very surprised by the obstinate effort the artist makes to become the protagonist of the story.

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