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'Art Patents'- Exhibition celebrating a new book publication

Period:14 March - 11 April, 2010
Venue:2F 205

JPN Patent Number: 2968209

An exhibition to celebrate the issue of an artist book of 740 pages, 10,000yen(+tax), which is compiled with all the details of claiming patents are "Art," from inventing and obtaining them to the selling them.
Period: 14 March - 11 April, 2010
Artist: Hideki Nakazawa
Venue: 2F, 205 Admission: Free of charge
Organized by: 3331 Arts Chiyoda Support from: Gallery Cellar
Staff: Naoko Watanabe

Related Event 'Demonstration of Digital Nendo'

Hideki Nakazawa will demonstrate an 'Art Patents'-related software 'Digital Nendo [Clay],' published from Ask Company in 1996, which was developed by himself.

Date: 10 April,2010 19:00-21:00
Venue: 2F, 205 *Those who have purchased or subscribed for the book are welcomed.

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